Struggles All Short Girls Can Relate To

And though she might be but little, she is fierce.

Short height might have its own share of advantages but sometimes it can also get a little annoying for us. Here are some funny everyday struggles every short girl has faced.

1. Say good bye to your supermodel dreams!

Every girl dreams of having the perfect height and figure to fit into the “supermodel” category. Unfortunately, as we grow up, our petite size shatters our dreams.

2. You’re literally looking up to everyone

Yeah, like literally. You need to stretch your neck by almost 90 degrees to look at a person while talking.

3. We’re not your furniture

Yeah, so please don’t lean on me and use my head or shoulder as your armrest!

4. The pants are almost twice as long as you!

Buying yourself a perfect pair of jeans is one big task. They are always too long, don’t have  a perfect fit and you always have to shell out more to get the  alterations done.

5. It’s picture time but the squad is taller than you:

You don’t want to stand next to a tall person because that we will make you look shorter in the pictures and in case you have to, you will stand on your tiptoes to look tall.

Source : Tumbler

6. Trying to keep up with those short legs

It gets really difficult keeping up with your leggy friend’s jogging pace. Slow down, hey!

7. Hoping no one will sit in front of you during movies

We are tired of people asking this question to us. But yeah, the struggle is real. We sincerely hope no one blocks our view.

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8. When you try on long dresses:

There are some outfits which are surely meant for tall girls. No matter how long your heels maybe, you just can’t pull off maxi dresses, gowns and jumpsuits. Erghhh !!!

9. Tired of people calling you ‘cute’

That’s not fair. We can be ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ too, okay? Do you realize the amount of efforts which were put in to dress up like that? We didn’t do that for a ‘cute’.

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10. Trying to reach the upper shelves.

My hand’s ALMOST there. Ugh!

11. When people ask if we shop at the kids’ section

No, we are not THAT short! We are adults who can fit into adult sizes…well, almost always. You don’t have to be that mean, okay?

12. When people ask how we are able to drive.

Well there is a lever to adjust your seat you genious! And our feet do reach the pedals and donot doubt our driving skills. (Only we know the real struggle)

13. You can’t go out without your heels.

You can’t even think of going out without your heels. In fact, you still might be shorter than the rest. But let’s think on the brighter side, long slender legs J

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