The Ultimate Bucket List to complete with your Best Friend Forever

Having a bucket list is amazing, but having to fulfil that bucket list with your best friend makes it even more special. Since friendship is not something to be celebrated only once a year, we have brought you the list of ideas that you can do together all year long. So forget indulging a one-day celebration and celebrate each day as friendship day. Let us know if there are any you can tick off already!

1. Watch an incredibly sexy movie together

You often spend nights at each other’s places. You talk or gossip or bitch about people, you play games, you dance and you probably watch movies too but how about doing something ugly this time? After all, your best friend knows you inside out, so download a sexy movie and watch it with your friend kicking off all the embarrassment.


Watching movie at home

2. Throw an ultimate party for the other

You have million things you can thank him/her for and in various ways. How about compiling everything up and throwing them an amazingly wonderful party? Call of their friends, choose their favorite location and booze and let them feel how important they are to you.



3. An epic “no destination” road trip

There’s nothing like going on a road trip with your best friend and when you have no idea where you are headed, it makes it even more enjoyable. You can ride all day, take breaks whenever and wherever you want, meet as many people as you want, click as many pictures as you like and return home with a bag full of memories.

Long Road Trip


4. Sing your favorite song in a club together on a karaoke night

Enough of being a bathroom singer, if you and your bestie are fond of singing and often hum the same songs together, go for a karaoke night and let the world know how well your tuning is.

Karaoke Night

5. Matching tattoos

If you both are interested in getting a tattoo and can bear the pain, seal your friendship with this one. Even if life takes you two to different places years later, you will have the perfect memory of all your good and bad moments together for a life time.



6. Try an extreme adventure sport together

Anything adventurous when accompanied with friends turns out to be far more exciting than doing it alone. And if trying an extreme adventure is a part of your bucket list, do it with your best friend. It will be one hell of an escapade.

Adventurous Sports


7. Wear same clothes

So what if you two are not twins, you can surely act like them. Wear absolutely the same clothes and let the whole world know you’re best friends for life and beyond.

Wear Same Dress

8. The ultimate Goa trip

Well this one is for your entire group. Here’s a piece of information, save a lot of money and do wild spending on your Goa trip. Party like never before, try food that you’ve never had before, have the hangover which you won’t ever have a memory of and try all the extreme water sports.

Goa Trip


9. Go to your favorite musician’s concert together

You and your buddy most probably have the same taste in music and of course you love listening to the same musicians. Trust us, there is nothing better than attending a concert of your favorite musician with your best friend forever. You’re going to laugh together, shout together, dance together and most importantly, you and your best friend would be sharing once in a life time opportunity of being a part of your favorite musician’s concert.

Live concert


10. Try some fun DIYs

Apart from paining a wall in particular, there are many other DIY ideas that you two can complete together. You can indulge in art and crafts or make gifts or try different nail arts or may be something to do with your beauty products or clothes and what not. These things would make you spend lots of time together where you can gossip and experiments with things.

Nail paint

11. Go to at least one foreign trip together every year

Plan it yourself or contact a travel agent, foreign trips aren’t as costly now as they were known to be earlier and even if it is, it’s totally worth it. Going on a foreign trip with your best friend should totally be there in your bucket list. Try every new possible activity, click lots of pictures and bring back thousands of unforgettable memories.

Foreign Trip

Go cherish your friendship!

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