This Girl Shares Her First Kiss Experience And Points Out Things To Keep In Mind To Make Your First Kiss Memorable

A budding relationship is often a truly exciting experience, especially when you start feeling butterflies in your stomach and you can’t help but think how your life is turning out to be something in the lines of a movie or a fairytale. But despite the incessant happiness and jittery feelings, there are also times when you probably feel anxious especially when you think about your first kiss. The first kiss is pretty much something that can be a deal breaker if you don’t get it right or it can surely be something so divine that you will end up cherishing it forever. And fortunately, I managed to get my first kiss right. You might be wondering how, so maybe the story of my own first kiss will help you get through yours.

Well, as these things generally do, it all started with a guy. When we were more than just classmates and somewhere along the line, at some point of time, I started to like him and it was obvious that he did too.  I suppose it was quite apparent to both of us when we were invited to a friend’s birthday party that it just might happen to be the day that we take the first step towards being more than just friends.

The night of the party was something I still remember in the back of my head. And maybe, my story will help you turn your own first kiss into a magical memory as well!

1. Don’t panic from the suddenness of the situation and calm your nerves with a glass of water

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The moment I realized that he would be dropping me back home in his car, I panicked. My mind blanched and my throat went dry, but somehow I managed to think straight and chugged down a tall glass of water. I certainly didn’t want him to think that my lips are chapped and dry on a daily basis!

2. Make sure your make up is on point by taking a quick trip to the loo for touch ups

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Considering that the party was coming to a close, I realized that I probably looked like a mess. In fact, I could feel little bits of dried cake against my cheek. As soon as I set the glass down on the table, I excused myself to the restroom and behold! I looked worse than a mess at this point of time. This was probably one of the only times in my life that I was grateful for carrying face wipes and extra kajal in my purse and soon enough I looked as good as new!

3. Cover up the smell of your last meal with some silver coated cardamon to freshen up your breath

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If you don’t want to stay 5 feet away from him for the rest of your life; make sure that you don’t sit down in the car with your breath smelling like the gateway to hell. All I had to do was rummage for the pack of silver coated cardamom pearls in my purse and soon enough I was good to go.

4. If you’re still even slightly apprehensive, then don’t hesitate to stall until you’re absolutely sure that you’re ready to go

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This might sound useless, but trust me, it’s not. You don’t want to end up saying something stupid and then embarrass yourself for eternity. So make sure that your nerves are calm and there’s no trace of panic in your veins so just stall your departure from the party like I did. In fact, I spent some time just running around and pretending that I’m too busy to go home till the time I was sure about getting in the passenger seat of his car.

5. Give the setting a fairy tale feel with some gloss or a fruity lip balm!

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Who doesn’t love a little glossy shine on their lips or even flavored balm? So the last thing I did before getting into the shotgun seat was give my lips a little glossy finish with my favorite fruity lip balm. Finally, I was confident enough to face what the ride might have in store for me.

It wasn’t long before he parked in front of my apartment building, a little ahead of where the society gate opened up onto the main road. There was barely any light apart from the glow of his dashboard and the streetlights without. I hesitated before finally stating that I should go, and I could tell from his expression that he didn’t want me to. Finally, he caught hold of my hand, and trailed a finger across my cheek with the other. He leaned in, and I reciprocated; I had been waiting for this for quite a while now. The rest I suppose you can figure out, suffice to say; my first kiss was amazing and I still look back to that moment from time to time!

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