Redecorate Your Home With These Magical Fairy Light DIYs

For most of us, Diwali season is the time to splurge on almost anything and especially lights. But lights are something that have become increasingly ubiquitous and commonplace in nearly every festive season, so why not take a gamble with your creativity and try something new this year? I’m pretty sure most of you have a cupboard hidden somewhere in your homes which is stuffed to the brim with hoards of fairy lights and electric streamers. So why not take them out and dust them off? It’s time to prepare for the festive season in the most unique way possible! Here’s a few ways you can decorate your home with those old fairy lights and they’re not only stunning but easy to create as well!

1. Twine Lanterns

Diwali lights

Try this easy twine lantern tutorial using a couple of balloons, some length of twine and of course, lots of glue. After you roll the twine around the balloon and glue it in place, you just need to wait for it to dry. Once dry, pop the balloons and fill the lanterns with your spare lights. These are perfect for hanging outside on the porch or in the balcony!

2. Shimmering curtain canopies

Diwali lights

This one is startlingly easy. All you need to do is dig up some lengthy curtain fabric that is translucent tending to completely transparent. A gauzy sheer material will work best. Drape the material over your bed and alongside the wall at its head and add numerous strands of lights behind it (but out of sight) in whatever colour works well with your room. This will give every night a magical experience of its own!

3. Magical Mirror

Diwali lights

Not only does this easy DIY make your mirror and in turn, your room more beautiful, but it also provides the ideal lighting you need to look your best. You can even use it to make a too-heavy mirror that is beyond hanging on the wall, look like a magical antique relic. All you need to do it tape the lights around the sides of the mirror and ravel it along the edges around 3-4 times. You’ll probably need around 6-8 strings of lights for perfect results.

4. Light up your memories!

Diwali lights

All you need to do to keep your memories alight and alive are to hang them next to your bed with strings of some of your favourite old lights. Get some twine or string and clothespins to hang the photographs and pick muted shades of the lights, the original golden shade works the best though, giving your snaps a homely feel!

5. Fairy Light Mason Jar

Diwali lights

Who would have thought that home decoration could be so easy? Sure you can probably splurge your money and buy one of these (for a highly overrated price) online, but it would be so much easier to just get your hand on a jar. All that’s left for you to do then is stuff it with your old lights. Add a touch of creativity by mixing in some coloured baubles or confetti or you could even try using old wine bottles instead of mason jars!

6. Fairy light door wreath

Diwali lights

All you need for this one is a circular base, glue and a pack of doilies. Or, if you can’t find any, then you can even cut out your own using white paper and printable stencils that are easily available online. All you need to do then is stick them onto the base and add your lights behind to give your wreath a truly ethereal and serene glow. This is bound to keep your door shining over the rest of the others.

7. Frosted fairy jar

Diwali lights

For this one, you’ll have to use some of your creativity. First of all, get a print out of a fairy silhouette online, once you’ve got that covered you’ll need to add a translucent frosted sheen to the outside of your jar. Spray paints are usually the best for this job but might turn out too opaque, so you could you fabric paint instead but remember to mix in some water to make sure it’s translucent. Then paste the print out on the inner edge of the jar and add the lights inside. Decorate the jar before closing it and light it up to give your area a magical aura!

8. Muted café lights

Diwali lights

To give your fairy lights a more serene and subtle edge, all you need to do is get your hands on a load of ping pong balls! From then you just need to pierce the balls and insert each individual light into the holes. This works best with a multicolour string of lights and helps in reducing the startlingly bright colours that most lights harbour, making it more suitable for using indoors as well as outdoors. Get the full tutorial here!

9. Enlighten your branches

Diwali lights

Whether you have trees outside or indoor plants in the corners of your rooms, nothing can make them look more decorative and enchanting than wrapping them in strings of fairy lights. Not only would they light up your room and home at night, but they give your surroundings a beautiful and evangelical zeal! Not to mention, how hard would it be to just wrap the lights around something in a haphazard manner?

10. Fairy Light Canvas

Diwali lights

Who knew that you could make a homemade canvas even more alluring by adding a mere string of old fairy lights behind the board? You wont believe how easy this DIY is, and well, the result is absolutely stunning. Give your next guests something to talk about when they see your magically illuminated canvas and try out the simple tutorial here! The best part is, once you get the hang of it, you can try any kind of design or style you want, making it a truly unique creation!


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