Let’s Role In Fits Of Laughter With Pammi Aunty

Ssumeir Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty, the internet sensation, brought every Punjabi-speaking women alive with his on-going. A towel on her hair with curlers stuck on it, Pammi Aunty loves to gossip about every current situation with her virtual friend Sarla Bhenji. An ordinary attempt of Ssumeir as Pammy Aunty at Snapchat brought

Salim-Sulaiman And Farhan Akhtar Shake The Nation With Their Moving Verse On Women Empowerment


Salim-Sulaiman and Farhan Akhtar ask women to #ReachForTheSky through this moving verse penned down to empower women across the nation. The song titled “Chulein Aasman” is something more than just a feminist number, it is musical beckon to women across the nation to defy the norms that have oppressed them

The Kind Of People Most Girls Block On Social Media

girls on facebook

Once upon a time (not so long ago!), in an era which is far away from the current situation, the internet was filled with useful and powerful information only. But BOOOOOOMM! Welcome to the 21st century where you'll find less nice people and a flood of imbecile ones. Those who belong

Things You’ll Relate If You Are A Tomboy


Girls love to have variety in everything, but girls, themselves, have variety. There are “girly” girls and then there are “boyish” girls, whose favorite color is not always pink and who doesn’t own 20 different shades of lipsticks and nail paints. They would anytime prefer their old sneakers rather than