The Kind Of People Most Girls Block On Social Media

Once upon a time (not so long ago!), in an era which is far away from the current situation, the internet was filled with useful and powerful information only.

But BOOOOOOMM! Welcome to the 21st century where you’ll find less nice people and a flood of imbecile ones. Those who belong to this category are the ones who majorly occupy the ‘blocked’ space in every girl’s SNS account. However, both nice and imbecile are superlative subject terms. Here, let’s try to decode it and see who is truly likely to be blocked.

1. Stalkers

One day you see a person walking in your college and next day you get a friend request from them on Facebook! How is that even possible? What surprises me the most is the amount of free time they have that they can waste on looking for a person without even knowing their name. These weird stalkers should simply be *BLOCKED*.



2. Repeated friend requests

Then there are some people who don’t give up after sending a friend request once. If you don’t accept their friend request, they’ll unsend it at their end and resend it to you over and over so that you keep noticing them. Won’t it get annoying now? This again leaves me with no choice but to *BLOCK* them.

Daffy Duck


3. Cheapsters

Maximum guys who get blocked by any girl, fall into this category. The series of “hi(s)” that they send everyday is just unbearable. And that’s not it, they send all kinds of hilarious poetry (shayri) and unpleasant messages all the time. Then again, nothing besides *BLOCKING* them can be done. The worst is when they send you back your own pictures. Why even?

Cheap guys on FB



4. Crazy Psycho Lovers

“I love you”
“Will you do fraaaandship with me?”


Psycho Lovers



5. Stupid names

No, I don’t mean literally. People can have whatever they want but adding ‘Prince’, ‘Hunk’, ‘Ruler’, etc., before or after your original name is just stupid! One time I got messages from a person whose last name was ‘Immortal’. What would have you done if you were at my place? *BLOCK* him obviously.

Stupid Facebook Names


6. People with excessive ‘SWAG’

‘Uh r veii beaUtifl. Wil uh b mah frn?’

Umm.. sorry bro. I don’t have a typing disorder. You better shift to my *BLOCK* list.



7. ‘Poke’rs!

Some extra smart people try to go out of the way. They do not send a friend request or a message, instead, they poke you on Facebook as if that might make a difference.

Poke on facebook


8. Clearly Fake IDs

The most part of girls that are on Facebook are not even girls actually. This is another way that the irritating guys have opted to start a conversation with a girl because girls generally tend to accept friend requests of other girls. Even I have done the same mistakes but once they star texting you, you get to know it is a Fake ID which only increases members of your *BLOCK* list.

Fake accounts on facebook

9. Exes

Call it immaturity or whatever, girls can’t stop stalking their exes and get insecure. So it’s better to simply *BLOCK* them and never see their profile again. This is the only one reason where guys get blocked for a reason which isn’t solely because of them.

Block ex on facebook


10. Ugly looking

Well, not demeaning anyone’s sentiments here but c’mon girls, let’s agree to it, no matter how much you deny, looks are the first thing you notice in any guy, especially on social media. Is there any other thing on which these random guys could be judged upon anyway? No. Right? So obviously, if I don’t think the guy is good looking, I *BLOCK* him. Which girl blocks good looking guys anyway? 😉

Ugly looking



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