Easy-Breezy Nail Art Hacks. Nail It, Girls!

Let’s face it girls! We have all been in awe of those gorgeous fingernails which are so artfully painted; they would make you want to look at those hands forever! But the next thing you say to yourself is, “Meh! If only I could do it at home. The salon will cost me a bomb for this.” Worry not! Here are some latest DIY nail art hacks which just look tricky but are some of the easiest tricks!


1. DIY Chevron nails

Chevron nails


2. Gorgeous yet subtle ombre nails

subtle ombre nails


3. Leopard print nail art

Leopard Print Nail Art


4. Newspaper nails

Newspaper Nails


5. Geometrical designs

Geometrical designs


6. Chic strawberry nails

Chic strawberry nails


7. For all the French manicure lovers!

French manicure Lovers


8. Beautiful Aztec prints!

aztec prints

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Shivani Sharma
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