Jacqueline Tells Global Leaders What She Really Wants, It’s Time For Women To Express ‘WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY WANT’

Apart from being a stunning and talented actress, Jacqueline Fernandez has taken up the responsibility of being the spokesperson of all women by fighting for the improvement of the condition of women worldwide through the mission ‘Project Everyone’ founded by filmmaker and Sustainable Development Goals advocate Richard Curtis.


She along with a few others participated in the remake of the hit music video ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls after 20 years of the video’s initial release. The video starred Fernandez and her fellow girls echoed the demands of women worldwide, using the tagline “What I really really want” to put forth the goals that they want the global leaders to look into and achieve which included issues like quality education, an end to child marriage and labour, a stop to violence and of course, gender equality amongst many others.

Jacqueline Fernandez


Victoria Beckham shared the feminist remake of the iconic song by her band and instigated women across the world to share pictures and their thoughts regarding what they want to be passed on to the world leaders by the organisation who was responsible for the creation of the video; The Global Goals. This has since sparked a riot of posts across social media and especially twitter harbouring the hashtag ‘#whatireallyreallywant’.

Emma Watson Twitter

Tanya Burr Twitter


Jacqueline spoke strongly regarding the issue, stating that; “We need to create a community where girls feel strong, safe and supported and have equal access to education, technology, health and sanitation.”

Gender Equality


“What I really, really want is for people to recognize the potential of girls when they are allowed to study instead of doing household chores. And what I really, really want is to end violence against women.” Was Jacqueline’s message that she wants all Global leaders to hear and adhere to.

So for all of you women out there, pick up your phones and laptops and tell us what you really really want! Amidst the number of women around the world, it may be hard to make your single voice be noticed amongst so many. So go ahead and describe to us, in one line, what you really really want, and we’ll share it with the world! Don’t forget to add the hashtags!


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