Things To Keep In Mind Before Popping The Pimple

We all love healthy beautiful skin and try to do everything to keep it all smooth but there are days when out of nowhere a pimple comes to pay your skin a visit and don’t we all just hate this uninvited guest. Who wants to have a skin embarrassment like that? All we want to do is get rid of it immediately but we are always stuck in this confusion to pop it or not because popping it would leave a scar and not popping it will take it another 10 days to heal. And yea let’s admit also some of us find an oddly satisfying pleasure in popping the zits but don’t we all want to get rid off the pimple as early as possible. So today, we decode some of the questions that you might be thinking while looking at your zits and planning to pop it.

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What happens when you pop the pimple?

The white pustule on your skin is keeping a form of bacteria in it and when you pop that pimple, the bacteria spreads on the surrounding part of the skin which can further cause more irritation, redness on that place and can even result in the growth of more pimples. Scary, right? Also, popping the puss can sometimes make it further enter the skin that can become a reason for various skin infections.

What will happen if you don’t pop the pimple?

If you let the people to heal at its own pace, it’ll probably last between 3-7 days and then will be treated on its own. You can use ointments and medication to get rid of them but popping it off should be last choice that you make.

What is the right time to pop the pimple?

If you must pop the pimple, then wait for the pimple to become ripe. A ripe pimple has yellowish white pus. Never ever try to squeeze, swish and pop the pimple which is not ripe because that will cause redness and inflammation on the area.

What precautions should be kept in mind while popping the pimple?

If you have no other option left besides popping that pimple than you can use a number of precautions before doing it. Wash your hand properly with soap and wear a clean pair of gloves if you can and then pop the pimple in such a way that the entire white fluid comes out and no part of it touches the skin. You should immediately wash your hands or remove the gloves and then apply ointment over the scarred skin.

How to get rid of the scars?

If you popped the pimple and it has left the scar then you need to treat it with medication and using ointments prescribed by the dermatologist. You can also go for various home remedies that will get you rid of the nasty scar. Aloe vera, coconut oil, potato juice and cucumber are some of the best home remedies that you can try for removing pimple scars.

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