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Avani Chaturvedi Creates History, Becomes First Indian Woman To Fly A Fighter Aircraft Solo

By Tanvi 21 Feb 2018

Flying Officer Avani Chaturvedi creates history by becoming the first Indian woman ever to fly a fighter aircraft that too, a MiG-21 solo in her first training solo sortie

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How do you treat tired looking eyes?


Tanvi Says
Put Cotton pads soaked with refrigerated rose water on eyes before going to sleep at night...it works wonders :)

Charansingh Dhaka Says

Guest User Says
I only wash my face with cold water before going to bed. It works for me!

Ashmita Says
I wash my face with cold water at night before going to bed and sometimes, put cucumber slices to treat puffiness.

Guest User Says
Just wear kajal n there you are....

Shilpi Says
I soak tea bags in warm water and let them cool. Put them on my eyes when they are cool.

Wash your face with cold water and pat it dry. Rub your palms and apply it. This will relax the tired eyes.

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