Things to Remember When Your Life is Messed Up

Have you ever looked over the course of your life and wondered that life hasn’t been a fair game? You’re encountering a stew of problems related to relationship, financial glitches, job, or just frustration hovering around your head and you can’t find a way out. Okay first, breathe. Calm your mind. You’re not alone. Keep faith in yourself, you’ll get out of it soon. Remember: When life gives you lemons, grab salt and tequila!

1. Try to connect with yourself more

This is the time when probably you need your own support the most. There’s only one person who will be able to help you deal with it- YOU. Look inside yourself.. deeper.. try to get into the core of the problem, learn it, make yourself comfortable around it. Remember, it’s the approach with which you encounter the problem. If you are confident to fight it, you’ll get through the ordeal. It’s you who has to face the challenge, so prepare yourself.

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2. If you can’t clean it, learn to love it

If life is a mess, well, clean it! At least give it a shot. Try to get involved in the challenge and try your best to resolve the matter. Even if you can’t do anything about it, and know it’ll fade away only with time, then you have no choice but to patiently watch it glide out of your life. If the problem is going to stay for some time, try loving it. The more you’ll love it, the lesser it will bother you. And hence you can focus on other aspects about life in a better way.

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3. You’re never too old to battle it out.

As they say, age is just a number. Don’t excuse yourself every time you face a problem in life by telling you’re too old to even face it, let alone coming out of it. Remember when you were 12 and the science lectures just didn’t make any sense to you and you thought that this is the end of your education? Well, you got over it, right? You’ll get over this one too. Just believe in yourself.

4. You’ll learn a lot all through this phase

You definitely are going through a lot, but do you realize the number of lessons you will learn out of this. Over the time you’ll look back and realize that you’ve come a long way and the journey won’t seem as miserable as it seemed at that moment. Dealing with messed up situations in life strengthens you emotionally and gives you the courage to battle anything that turns up in the future with a better attitude.

5. You’re not alone

Remember, everyone is fighting a battle of their own just like you are. It’s not that life takes its toll only on a few and is considerate for the rest. What matters when the struggle ends is, who fought it calmly.

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6. This too shall pass

The phrase says it all. The mantra has served well many entrepreneurs to deal with ups and downs in life. What it implies is that every phase of life is temporary, meaning, it won’t stay for long- be it happiness or sadness. So, never lose hope! You’ll get over this phase in no time and there’ll be something better along by the time you’ve even noticed!

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