6 Times People Went For Extreme Adventures but ended up Hurting Themselves Bad

There are various activities that have redefined the term “cool” amongst the youngsters and being adventurous or an adrenaline junkie tops that list. There is no doubt that every new adventure brings along a lot of new excitement and a push to take the risk involved but what people tend to forget is that how merciless can that risk be. You are “cool” even if you are not an adventure freak and respect the uncertainty of life.

These adventure failures, if frivolous, can make you laugh your heart out but if serious, can leave you teary eyed at the ruthlessness of life. We bring to you some of the most terrifying adventure fails.


1. Parachute Fails, Man Falls Of 1000 Ft.

This man went on for a base jumping experience but instead landed into a hospital when he went through an unfortunate near death experience. His parachute failed to open which led him hit the cliff and fell off a height of 1000 ft hitting the rocks during his fall.


2. Base Jumping Terrifying Accident

This horrific incident took place when this man jumped off the cliff and instead of going the normal way he got too close to it. Throughout his way down he gets hit by a number of rocks and by the end suffers from various fractures and injuries. He got 5 stitches to the eye, 6 to the chin, severely sprained back along with multiple bruised areas.


3. Girl Swings Towards Cliff Face When Bunjee Jump Goes Wrong

In this video 19-year old Maryana performs the bunjee jump act where the bungee cord is attached to another line across the gorge so that jumpers can cross from side-to-side while simultaneously bouncing up-and-down. But unfortunately Maryana’s jump didn’t go according to the plan as she plunged onto the cliff and slammed into the rocks. This happened at marble quarry in Russia’s Murmansk Oblast region.


4. Skydive Went Horribly Wrong

This disastrous accident happened when the man in the video got hit by the trailer while landing during skydiving. The winds were all over and he couldn’t manage his chute at the time of landing and hence got severely hit by the trailer. As a result, he lost his one arm and received serious injuries.


5. Australian Survives As Bunjee Cord Snaps

Erin Langworthy, 22, was on holiday on New Year’s Eve when she took on the 111-metre bungee jump from the Victoria Falls bridge above the river, which borders Zambia and Zimbabwe. But things went horribly wrong when the cord snapped about halfway into the jump and she hit the water with her feet still tied and she was swept towards the rapids. Luckily she had been white water rafting the previous day and remembered some of the safety tips to get through the looming rapids. She managed to swim towards the side of the river where she dragged herself out. She suffered a fractured collar bone as well as massive bruising in the accident and was taken to South Africa for treatment.


6. Man Gets Paralysed While Skydiving

This probably would have been the scariest moment of his life when he went on for skydiving and got seizure at around 9000ft. and spent the next few seconds falling freely in an unconscious state. Thankfully his jump master was able to pull his cord at around 4000ft. and he himself became conscious at around 3000ft. and landed safely to the ground.


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