Is Too Much Of Technology Hampering Your Child’s Growth?


All parents consider themselves to be the best in all aspects, for their kids. They feel proud to fulfill every wish of their kids be it right or wrong.  Whatever are the demands, they fulfill them without a second thought. But don’t you think it just encourages bad habits in them. Is it right to give them those things out of love which are not necessary for them?  Gifting electronic gadgets like laptop, tablet, iPad, mobile etc. to kids at an age when they don’t even need one cannot be regarded as a gift given out of love. Moreover these days, gifting electronic gadgets to your kids has become more of a status symbol to show it off amongst friends and relatives and sometimes parents give such gadgets neither out of love nor out because of some status, they just don’t have time to spend with kids and these gadgets become a reason to keep them busy.

Our kids always look up to us that we talk&listen to what they did whole day; or we play with them and spend time but we tell them to play with gadgets as it is our time to rest.To secure our time & space for relaxation, we don’t think twice while buying things for our kids which is ruining their future. We think that they are happy with them but if we think through our children’s minds, we will know that they are happy when we play with them. They are curious about so many things, come up with questions about little things or do things to grab our attention because they need our love.On the other hand, our gadgets affect their brain and damage their eyes too.We somehow have forgotton how we spent out childhood in playgrounds, when all we wanted was to spend time with our friends or play some real games. But now because of busy schedules, parents have somehow become selfish where they want some peace and hence, they handover a mobile or any other gadget to their kid just to keep him busy.

Spending more time on a video game is making our children aggressive, they cannot control their anger because their games portray torture, violence, murder,etc…and kids on frequently watching such things start adopting these things thinking it is normal and happens in the real world too. Kids today have become less social because of this. They prefer to stay back home, play with their gadgets when their parents are out is more of a priority then going to see a relative or a friend.

We cannot stop the wave of technology as it the need of the day but what we can do is make our kids understand what is more important in life. As a parent it is very important for us to spend more and more time with our children, ask them how their day went, go out and play with them, help them adopt a hobby, tell them the importance of friends and family, read them a bed time story. And this year on his birthday don’t gift them a gadget rather gift them your time.

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Sandhya Bhatnagar
Sandhya Bhatnagar is a home maker who has a flair for writing, She is an avid reader and loves to write about parenting and home decor.