Australian Comedian Celeste Barber Poses Like Celebs And Its Effing Hilarious

Let’s admit, we all have atleast once in our lives tried to pose like our favorite celebrity to get that perfect click but unfortunately we looked more stupid trying to do so. But this woman from Australia, Celeste Barber tries to recreate the poses of some famous celebrities and pokes fun on the celebs and their unrealistic poses on her Instagram account with hashtags #celestechallangeaccepted. Celeste started it off for a laugh with her friends but it took off because of its hilarious content and she continued to do so after receiving positive feedbacks like “Thanks for making me not feel so shit about myself” and “Thanks for keeping it real.”



3) celeste-barber-3

4) celeste-barber-4

5) celeste-barber-6

6) celeste-barber-7

7) celeste-barber-8

8) celeste-barber-9

9) celeste-barber-10

10) celeste-barber-11

11) celeste-barber-12

12) celeste-barber-13

13) celeste-barber-14



16) celeste-barber-17

Source : Instagram

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