20 Things Men Don’t Understand About Women

Yes, we need like tons of beauty products in our bathroom, we will take endless selfies until the “right one” comes up and then put the best filters, Our closet can put the guys’ to shame, because it’s so full yet we don’t have anything to wear. We understand that guys are utterly and completely confused by our behavior and mood swings and it gets a little complicated for them to understand us but hey, we are not that difficult to understand, right?

So here are few things that men are pondering and struggling over for generations and today we will help you guys get it why we do it.

  1. Going to the bathroom in a pack

We like to go to the bathroom together because we love talking and we get so engrossed in gossips at times that we find no reason to leave it in between, even for a bathroom-break.And what if there is a long que, or we need a certain something, taking a friend along always helps.

  2. The importance of the selfies and pictures in general.

We will take endless pictures of ourselves till we get the perfect click for Instagram and Facebook, and who doesn’t want to look good in pictures. Also we love capturing moments so that we can relive it even after 20 years.

  3. Why does it take us forever to get ready

Well duh! Getting the desired curls, finding the right lip color to compliment the outfit, changing about 10 pairs of heels which are high enough to make sure we appear leggy and no less than a model, we need time guys because it is not easy at all!

  4. Wearing heels

Another thing that men struggle to understand is why we wear heels even if we are having sore feet or pain in our toes.How can u not wear them when you can get those slender tall legs just like a supermodel with an amazing pair of stilettos plus it adds a lot of charm to our outfit. Well! Beauty is pain you guys.

  5. Waxing and the pain we go through.

Yes, we girls go through a lot of pain for the sake of beauty. Waxing is one such thing. But we’d continue to do that because let’s face it , the smooth finish of the skin, that is a next level feeling, which means, we can jump into our dresses, shorts, and tank tops, without any hesitation and you guys should admit that you too love our smooth skin.

  6. Having “Nothing” To Wear In Our Closet

“I have a lot of options to wear for today’s party”- Said no girl ever. There is no worse feeling then to stare blankly into a closet full of outdated clothing, wishing you had that new top from Zara or that gorgeous dress from H&M. Let’s be honest, we’re girls…and repeating an outfit is a big NO NO for us and hence we need more clothes.

  7. Shopping

Shopping is one of the things women do that men don’t understand but truthfully, it’s like the best therapy to get off our stress and mood swings. If anything that can help us attain nirvana, it’s shopping.

  8. Wear makeup

Well who wouldn’t love to wear make up when it helps you look pretty and more confident and yea, stop calling us after every half an hour, when we have already told u that we need 5 more minutes.

  9. Carrying large amounts of stuff around with you at all times

Yes, we carry the world in our purse because we don’t want to miss out on anything when we are going somewhere. You never know when you’re going to need something, so why not carry everything?

  10. Our Tendency To Say One Thing But Mean Another

You guys don’t read between the lines. We want you to do what we mean and not what we say. So, when we say “Fine!” it’s not fine at all or when we say  “do whatever you feel like” well! We mean exactly the opposite of it.

  11. Going For Bad Boys Over Good Guys

Every girl says she wants a nice guy, but goes for the bad guy. Why? The thrill girls get from being with the bad boys is nowhere close to that with the good ones.Although, not all bad boys are strictly bad and not all good guys are strictly good.

  12. Having so many mood swings

Yes the sudden upheaval in our mood swings can give you guys a whiplash but cut us some slack you guys, girls suffers from a lot of irritating and annoying things like PMS or a tough day at work, relationship issues etc etc. Give us some time and we’ll be just fine.

  13. Why Girls Always Say Their Hair “Looks Terrible.”

Because we are very particular about our hair, especially when going outside, and if it’s a bad hair day then you will definitely see us complaining and even cancelling out the plans. Sorry guys, but that’s how it is.

  14. PMS

Yes we go cranky during our period. Once a month PMS makes us moody and aggressive. You might  find us crazy, annoying and irritating during that time of the month but all we need is a little attention and care from you guys because you guys have no idea what’s going on in our uterus and how tough it is to withstand it.

  15. Drama Queen

Girls can be overly dramatic about any petty issue they have to face. It can be due to chipping of a nail, losing their bobby pins, or no reason at all!There’s always something going on between a girl and her friends, there’s that girl (bitch) at work who’s out to destroy her, the world will stop spinning if someone wears the same outfit as her—my God. How are girls not exhausted all the time, a guy wonders.

  16. Don’t touch my hair/face

At our core, we all girls want the same thing — the right to exist without our hair, face or phone being touched. Guys need to get that straight.

  17. Why you would friend-zone a guy?

Guys, let’s make it very clear. There is something called “being just friends” with a guy. We cannot make every guy friend our boyfriend. Sometimes all we need is a loving friend who’s there for our support and nothing beyond that.

  18. Girl talk

Sorry guys, this is one of the things that women do that you’ll never understand.
You won’t get why we share all of our secrets with our girlfriends rather than our #boyfriend or why we need to talk on the phone for hours, discussing anything from the girl who was overly dressed at the party, to anger management issues.
It’s just one of those girly girl things.

  19. Spending so much on cosmetics

Errr… TBH, we girls are tired of hearing this question, but will continue to spend money on our beauty products. We just can’t live without them.

  20. Boy should make the first move

Because it’s a man responsibility to lead and we want to be led and overwhelmed and asking us out, making the first move surely makes a man more attractive in our eyes.

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