15 Times All Girls Wished They Were Boys

Despite the fact that I personally believe that the female race is a mile ahead of the male race in all domains, there are still some times when we all wish we were guys. Additionally this isn’t just a feeling that pops up during our periods but actually persists regarding to a vast number of other things that help make the lives of guys much easier than the way we have it. The following list will surely make you agree and wish we could have it as easy as they do.

1. Walk out at 4 a.m. in the morning without feeling unsafe

This has to be one of the greatest advantages of being a guy. They can generally go wherever they want whenever they want and they don’t have to worry about their safety.

2. The bed head and the bad hair days

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Admit it girls, guys look great when they’ve just gotten out of bed. But women? We need at least an hour in the bathroom before we can bring ourselves to a presentable semblance. How much easier would life be if we simply woke up as flawless as guys do.

3. That time of the month

This is bound to be the biggest reason of all. Not only would being a guy entail no threat of stains but also that pounding pain within your body that makes it seem like someone is cutting it open from the inside.

4. Thinking about the calories everytime we eat

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For some reason, guys eat whatever they want and they still don’t get fat. They pile on meals filled with oily and fatty delight and they still maintain their shape? But one extra French fry and the female body bloats up like a balloon.

5. The painful waxing sessions

For guys, shaving is something that they can do by choice, for most times, they tend to look hotter with that layer of stubble along their skin. But women? We wax and shave our lives away and it’s not even a choice, it’s something we simply have to get done.

6. Getting accidentally pregnant

Guys can simply do whatever they want in the bedroom department and get away with it. They don’t have to think about precautions and timings like us women, because they aren’t burdened with the ability to reproduce.

7. Getting confused while shopping

With so much variety for women, shopping sometimes becomes so tough and so clumsy that we women often wish that if we were guys, shopping would have been much easier because of the fact that most of their clothes are exactly the same and no matter what occasion or event, the only thing they have to do is throw on a pair of jeans and shirt and they’re good to go.

8. During the bedroom business

Yeah, it’s a well-known fact that guys orgasm much faster and more easily than girls. Not only does this make the act significantly more satisfying for them, but they don’t have to fake moan like our kind either.

9. To sit with closed legs

Being a woman means always sitting in a prim and proper position and keeping your legs neatly folded in front of you. But with guys, they can relax and spread their legs however they want and it’s not considered socially distasteful.

10. Bursting into tears unexpectedly

No matter how hard a woman would try not to cry at things that get them worked up, there are times when you simply can’t hold the feelings in and need to vent. This often gets us the usual ‘she’s a girl, of course she’s crying’ side comments. It wouldn’t hurt to be as bulletproof regarding tears as guys are once in a while.

11. Packing problems

It simply doesn’t make sense how a guy can pack all his requirements into a single back for a week-long trip. And yet, it would sure be helpful to someday reduce our 4 bags to one so we don’t have to be lugging around the weight the entire time.

12. Getting over a break up

Getting over a break up is and always has been much easier for guys as compared to us girls. We don’t know how they do it, move on in just a few weeks or even days of a failed relationship. It sure beats the depressing months of self-loathing and ice cream that women go through.

13. The pain of wearing high heels

Sure as hell heels make our legs look tall and slender, but it definitely gives us a sore feet too. If only we could forgo the pain and go everywhere in sneakers the way guys do!

14. The struggle of peeing in a public toilet

Peeing in a public toilet is the toughest thing that every girl has to go through. Imagine how quick and easy life would be if we all could just go do our business standing up. The lines in communal restrooms would definitely get shorter with all that increased efficiency!

15. To shower everyday

Let’s face it, the day we don’t take a shower, it’s pretty starkly visible to those around us that we’ve forgone normal hygiene practices in the morning. It doesn’t matter how much deodorant you apply or how neatly you set your hair, it’s just somehow visible. But for guys? They go without showering for days on end and you can’t even tell. How is that even possible?

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Shraya Singh
Shraya is currently an engineering student with a flair for writing. Apart from being a student she is a part time Jedi and inhabitant of Middle Earth with and has an insatiable love for books and fantasy. But in truth she is a storyteller; the purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think but to give you questions to think upon, and that is what she does.