It’s here! The most racist ad ever made

Qiaobi, a Chinese detergent brand has drawn heat for launching a very controversial advertisement which may be labelled as the most racist advertisement of 2016. The ad begins with a black man with white paint splattered on his face, wolf-whistling a Chinese girl who is attempting to do some laundry. Getting a positive signal from the girl’s end, the guy approaches her, but she shoves him into the washing machine after stuffing a scoop of detergent in his mouth. As a result, the man appears, not black, and has totally changed into a good looking Chinese man in a crisp white shirt.

The advertisement is believed to be identical to an old Italian ad which was created on similar levels, however the woman throws a white man in the machine and pulls out a black man, with the tagline “Coloured is Better”

Another advertisement that drew attention for containing some racial overtones was launched by the Republican party of the US in 2006 opposing the Democrat candidate Harold E. Ford, who was hoping to become the first African-American Senator.  The commercial aimed to induce thoughts of fear of black man in the minds of the people and was labelled as “a very serious appeal to a racist sentiment” by one of the representatives of the party.

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Shivani Sharma
A lover of football, fashion and art, Shivani has been breaking stereotypes all throughout her life. An auto-didact at heart, she is an egalitarian who lives for knowledge and to express herself, especially on global political issues.