10 Things Women Absolutely Hate About Their Men

No matter how hard men try to get the girl of their dreams, they often do things knowingly or unknowingly that can put their girl in a bad mood . Here are the 10 most annoying things men do which can make any woman go mad at them.


1. Too much dominance

While we do understand and in fact love it when our partner gets protective of us, but being bossy and dictator-like is totally unacceptable. We secretly start hating you for every unreasonable restriction which you put on us.

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2. Their ogling habits

A little eye-candy is no harm, but you’re foolish if you thought we didn’t notice your eye movements checking that girl out in that LBD, nonstop. Well, the next time you do that, you’re in for some serious trouble!

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3. When they’re poorly groomed

Okay we women absolutely hate it when you come and meet us in that un-groomed look and having a belief that you look oh! so cool because you don’t. Those un-pared dirty nails, that messy hairstyle, crushed tee shirt and unwashed pants, and oh my god! Who steps out of the house in flip-flops??

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4. Their expression-less face

We women love to talk, and we would obviously want you to hear us out while we are talking and trying to strike a conversation but that’s not possible with your expressionless face.

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5. They really need to get over their swearing habits

We totally understand you have your bad days at work and a little swearing is acceptable. But making it a habit and using cusswords in every sentence is something we just can’t tolerate.

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6. When they just don’t listen to the conversation

We really hate it when you miss out on something important we mentioned while you were busy playing on your PlayStation. We secretly feel like punching you sometimes.

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7. His habit of making fun of you in front of others

Some guys are in a habit of criticizing their woman in front of others and nothing can be more embarrassing than that, especially when his friends are looking right at you and trying hard not to laugh right on your face.

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8. When they don’t get romantic.

Okay so we have failed to understand and officially hate you for not being romantic at all. We would always appreciate if you’d pamper us with flowers and chocolates once in a while. Also, watching cute rom-coms together and getting snuggly at times.

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9. When we are judged on our choice of TV series

While men can definitely not tolerate daily soaps, a little reality show dose is good for our health. So how about you guys stop judging us and let us watch it in peace.

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10. When they sometimes act ‘unmanly’

No matter how much we force you to get emotional and sensitive, remember- too much of everything is bad. And yes, we don’t want you to lose your status, and be any less macho!

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