Things That Go Through A Girl’s Mind On Her Wedding Day

Wedding day is surely the biggest day of every girl’s life. She has dreamt about it all through her life thinking what she’d be wearing, who she’d be marrying and how she’d be living happily ever after. With so much of emotions, ceremonies, traditions attached with the D-day,only a girl knows how difficult it gets to manage the emotional turmoil going inside her. On one side she’d be excited to embark the new journey of her life with a man of her dreams and on the other side the thought of leaving her parents and siblings would be tearing her apart.

Here are few things that goes through ever girl’s mind on her wedding day.


1. Would my dress and accessories fit properly?

No matter how many times you’ve tried your wedding dress, those pumps and other accessories yet you’d be worried for the same reason all night.

Wedding Dress & Accessories

2. Would the guests be happy?

Indian marriages are incomplete without a silly argument or a fight over some petty issue. So one thing that’s always going through a bride’s mind is that all her relatives happily attend the wedding without creating any fuss.

Guest in Indian marriages

3. Would my make-up be appropriate?

Your makeup is one thing that you would have already given a lot of thought. Choosing a makeup artist is always a tough task for the bride and no matter you go for a makeup trial or not you would still be worried about your make up on your D-day and apart from this you would be having all the worst case scenarios in your mind like what if they cancel my appointment at the last moment? What if the products don’t suit me well and give me an allergic reaction? What if my makeup get too loud or too dull?

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4. I hope nobody gets sick!

With so many preparations going on, you need all your family and friends around you to help you deal with the physical and emotional stress. You definitely don’t want any of them to get sick the day you need them the most.

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5. How much should I be eating?

You’re obviously dieting for like a month now but just the day before the wedding you’d become extra conscious about your body shape and you don’t want any part of your body to become a reason for the misfit of your outfit.

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6. How will I possibly live without my family?

This is one thing that is always haunting a girl on her wedding day. You suddenly start realizing that it’s probably your last day in the house and that you would now be living with your in-laws.  These thoughts just tear you up.

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7. What if my mother-in-law is not as sweet as she has been so far?

Be it a love marriage or an arranged one,no matter how many times you’ve met your mom-in-law before you just can’t know her enough. One thing that girls are really apprehensive about on their wedding day is how their mother-in-laws would really be. Well now, honestly, what kind of mother-in-law you would be getting, is pure luck!

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8. What if an unexpected trouble comes up?

You would have heard stories from your friends or relatives or must have definitely seen it on daily soaps about weddings getting cancelled at the last moment for an immediate demand from the groom’s family or because of somebody’s sudden demise. Well! Who in the world would want that?

9. What if I’m not able to cook what they ask me to?

It doesn’t matter if you know cooking or you don’t, when your mother-in-law asks you to cook something sweet for the first time, you just have to do it. Now in the positive cases, there would many people to guide you and help you out but if you’re stuck in the worst scenario where you have to handle the task alone, then it could definitely be a nightmare.

TIP: Do keep your phone along.

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10. Wedding Night!

Well if there’s nothing else that is making you nervous then the thought‘how your first night would be’is definitely keeping you restless. Your sisters or friends would have talked to you about it, the dos and don’ts. Be it a love marriage or an arranged one, thinking about your first night with your husband will definitely give you some serious anxiety.

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