Dress Up Your Room With Wall Art Creativity

Are you tired of seeing the same bland walls in your home day after day but don’t know what to do about it? Then grab some paint, a few brushes and some tape and get to work with these amazing wall painting ideas that are not only easy to do, but don’t require any artistic expertise either. All you’ll need is the help of some stencils and you’re good to go. So if you have a few hours of time on your hand then give one of these ideas a shot and you’ll feel more than just satisfaction afterwards.


1. Chevron Wall

Chevron wall

Make this beautiful Chevron wall in muted shades using a few cans of paint and some rolls of masking tape!


2. Handwritten wall

Handwritten wall

Cover your wall in words from your favourite book or poem in your own painted handwriting or store bought decals to create a truly unique wall!


3. Mountain Mural

Mountain Mural

Make this beautiful Mountain Mural on the walls of your bedroom to give your room a more adventurous zeal. Get the full tutorial here.


4. Washi Tape Decals

Washi Tape Decals

All you need to make this simplistic design is some Washi tape and a few hours of your time. Get the full tutorial to get it done here.


5. Billowing butterflies

Billowing butterflies

Send a stream of butterflies fluttering across your drab walls to gracefully increase the liveliness of your room! All you need to do is make, or buy, a butterfly stencil!


6. Moroccan Stencil Design

Moroccan Stencil Design


Give your wall a more festive feel by making a cardboard stencil design and painting over it with different shades. Get the tutorial on how to get it done here.


7. Night Sky Mural

Night Sky Mural

Cover your children’s bedroom wall with this enchanting night sky mural with the step by step instructions available here.


8. Ombre Hexagons

Ombre Hexagons

Paint these easy to make hexagons on your wall with the help of some subtle shades and masking tape and your guests are bound to keep staring at this work of art. The tutorial is available here.


9. Swarms of birds

Swarms of Birds

Get your cartridge sheet and pencil in hand and sketch out the stencil for this beautiful wall paint idea to make your entire room more alive than plain walls! Get the tutorial here.


10. Forested Wall

Forested Wall

Create a wonderland room for your children by covering the walls with painted birch tree branches that are bound to stun anyone who sets eyes on them.

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