This Is Why Maybelline Baby Lips Is A Must Have For Every Girl

Maybelline Baby Lips is the highest selling lip balm all over the globe. Statistically, this product is being sold every 3rd second through various online portals and offline outlets. Most beauty products are advised to be used after a certain age limit but this lip balm is something that can be used by all the girls and women out there, for perfectly glowing and healthy lips, irrespective of their age. Have a look at why this product is a bestseller around the globe and why it is a must have for every girl.

1. More than 18 Shades to choose from

Maybelline Baby Lips come in more than 18 shades so you have an option to choose from a wide variety and try a new shade everyday although the bestsellers are cherry and rose addict.

2. Sun Protection

Lips are the most exposed part of our body and also the most ignored part when it comes to sun protection but Maybelline baby lips totally take cares of our lips because all their lip balms come with SPF protection of 10-20.

Baby lips

3. The perfect moisturizer.

Maybelline baby lips comes with 100% moisturization that lasts well for upto 4-6 hours on a single application and so this lip balm gives you smooth, moisturized and naturally pink colored lips

perfect moisturizer

4. Provides hydration and nourishment

Maybelline Baby Lips is worth using and worth recommending because it provides with the much needed hydration and nourishment to your lips. It prevents them from getting flaky and dry.

Maybelline baby Lips

5. Convenient and handy

This little wonder tube can fit in everything be it in your jeans or your clutch. So it is very convenient to take it with you whenever and wherever you want to so that you can quickly apply it again in the middle of the day as soon as its effect starts to fade away.


6. Pocket friendly.

Price is apparently the biggest concern that most girls have while buying a beauty product but with Maybelline Baby Lips you don’t really have to worry about it. This long lasting tube comes within the minimal price of Rs. 150 and is readily available at all your nearest cosmetic stores.

Maybelline baby Lips

7. It has the cutest name and packaging.

You would be lying if you don’t agree that girls get fascinated with cute names and catchy colors. And Maybelline Baby Lips outshine all the other lip balms in this category. It has the loveliest name and its neon colored tube is so pleasant looking that buying it comes in as a reflex as soon as you see it.

Maybelline baby Lips



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