15 Reasons Why Being Single Is Better Than Being In A Relationship

It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently had your heart broken or have been playing it solo for a while now, because there are some perks of being single that hit you the very day you start thinking about it. It’s not a wonder that most young women today opt to stay single and enjoy themselves into their late 20’s before actually settling down into a relationship. So here’s a few of the things that life as a single femme has to offer!

1. You get more time for yourself

This is probably the most important benefit of being single. You can devote time to your interests and let your soul wander into the unknown rather than face the obligation of giving your time to the guy in your life.

2. You don’t have to get ready in a rush

No more do you have to race around looking for other earring in your set with him yelling at you from the living room. Take your time getting ready, you deserve it.

3. You have more time to spend with your friends

meeting friends

Your friends won’t be complaining about not seeing you that much because you’ll be there with them whenever you want!

4. You don’t have to hang out with his friends

Most times, his friends are horrible. Maybe they aren’t to him but what is certain that you have to force yourself to plaster on that fake smile every time you meet them.

5. You don’t have to buy presents

buy presents

Let’s face it, buying presents for guys is a despicable task. And probably, till date, no woman has managed to get it right entirely throughout their relationship. So say goodbye to spending money on questionable presents for him and splurge it on yourself instead!

6. No more feeling jealous or insecure

feelin jealous or insecure

No matter how great a relationship may seem, there is always a point of time where these unwanted feelings creep in. But when you’re single there’s nothing to fear for, all you have to look after is yourself!

7. Not shaving

not shaving

Well, there’s nothing that could possibly beat this advantage. Bon voyage to the painful waxing and shaving regularly! No wonder relationships these days don’t last very long.

8. No more awkward dinners with his parents

Take a sigh of relief girls! No longer do you have to brave the ordeal of sitting primly at a table and nibbling on your food as respectfully as you can with his parents next to you. Not to mention politely dodging the awkward questions.

9. Watching/reading things without being judged

It doesn’t matter what you watch in the closed sanctity of your home anymore for he’s no longer around to judge you and pass comments. So go treat yourself with your guilty pleasure!

10. You can flirt whenever you want


Being single opens a wide door of possibilities in the world where you can get around easily with the simple art of flirting. Welcome back to a world where guys are nicer and more willing to help you out now that you don’t have a significant other.

11. No more fighting

no more fighting

The worst part of a relationship is the gradual constant bickering. But when you’re single you can do whatever you want, whenever you want without enticing your guy’s temper.

12. Getting more sleep

getting more sleep

Your bed will be your new best friend as you finally get to sleep in late and for however long you want. Being single is truly is life of luxury.

13. You can wear whatever you want

Deep neck, backless, whatever you want to wear can be yours as you can finally wear it in public without having to bear his nagging and condescending glares the entire time.

14. New crushes, more dates

The excitement of a new crush is something that no relationship can create and neither can it revive the anticipation when you start dating someone new. It’s time to get back in the game and enjoy it!

15. You always have balance in your phone

Well, this one is obvious since you no longer need to call him at every waking moment when you’re idle. Finally, you’ll be the one who’s making the conference calls with your friends to set up new plans.

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Shraya Singh
Shraya is currently an engineering student with a flair for writing. Apart from being a student she is a part time Jedi and inhabitant of Middle Earth with and has an insatiable love for books and fantasy. But in truth she is a storyteller; the purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think but to give you questions to think upon, and that is what she does.