How To Survive a Long Distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships suck. Yes they do. You don’t see each other often, you can’t celebrate small achievements with your love because he is miles away from you, you can’t cry on his shoulder when you had a bad day at work and there are so many other things that you could have done with each other only if you were living in the same city or may be under the same roof. And the worst part about the long distance relationships are the misunderstanding and the fights over the phone which leave u clueless on how to resolve, making you more and more helpless, sad and angry and what not and it is then when your friends and family come and tell you why are you in this kind of relationship, making you doubt your relationship with him and believe me when such thoughts start creeping into your mind it becomes messier.

But you must not let the distance come in between your love and that’s why you really need to know how to work out with your guy whose living in a faraway land.

Be Honest:

be honest.

Be honest with your partner about everything. Honest about your feelings, your schedules, your routines and everything else especially when you both are living in a different time zone. Discuss what makes you happy or what makes you sad or angry. This will help your partner to understand you even better. Talk about your routines and work schedules to give your partner an insight on what you do and when u do it. This way you will know when your partner is free or when he is busy hence avoiding any such situation where you are mad at him as he hung up on you because he was in the middle of a lecture or a meeting.

Shower some love on Social Media:


Use your instagram, facebook or twitter handles to pour some love and care on him. Tag him in lovey-dovey posts, post pictures of the times you’ve spent together, praise his achievements big or small and show the world that you are proud of him. Like and give the best of comments on his pictures to make him feel flattered and loved.

Give some space:

give some spacee.

Give some space to your guy when he is out with his friends or family or while he is studying.  Never make him feel stalked. Calling him time and again and asking him where he is, with whom he is, what is he eating or drinking will only make him feel irritated. Keep a control over your urge to text him or call him every minute, every hour of his time. Don’t let him take control of your time, spend some time with your family and friends. Chill and let him chill too!

Big NO to Fighting over messages:

no to fighting over phone

So you are kind of mad at him and you text him in that tone but he doesn’t get it and takes you in a rather normal way and this makes you feel that he is just not bothered and now you are totally annoyed at him. And what if he takes some message of yours in a bad way which you sent him in a good humor? Call him rightaway and clear the misunderstanding. Most of the fights get stretched or take a lot of time to resolve if none of you takes a stand to call and clear. It is always wise to call or skype to clear your arguments or misunderstandings rather than spending nights texting and crying over the heated texts u exchanged. Be honest about your feelings to make it easier for the other person to understand and resolve.

Be clear about your relationship:

be clear

Long distance relationships work only if both of you are on the same page. Discuss about your future plans, your career goals, when would you like to get married and would you want to stay long distance even after marriage or no. Talk about everything to make a healthy relationship. Both of you need to be understanding and should be comfortable with each other’s life goals because if you are not it’ll eventually become difficult to hold onto each other.

Skype or make video calls:

video chat

Make sure to skype or make video calls to your partner atleast once in a week. Wear his favorite dress, get some make up and video chat. Be funny, talk dirty, laugh at his jokes, discuss about movies you watched lately and do everything to have the best skype date which forces both of you to visit each other soon.

Trust your partner:


The most important rule for working out a long distance relationship is to trust your partner. Build trust and don’t be suspicious about his whereabouts. Never doubt him. Stay positive about your partner and do not panic in case he doesn’t pick your calls or doesn’t reply to your messages. Another easy way to trust your partner is to spend some time with his friends when you visit him. Get to know about his friends, save some of theirs contact no and add them in your whtsapp group. This way you can have a friendly relationship with all his friends and also can contact any of them if your partner does not reply to your call.

Visit often: 

visit oftenn

You both need to visit each other often. Make some plans for weekend visit and make the visit budget friendly. The visits should not be a financial burden on one person so either go dutch or make sure you visit your partner as often he visits you but plan out a budget and start saving a little extra for it. Goodbyes are always painful so plan your next visit in advance so that you have something more exciting to look forward to. Give surprise visits. There is nothing like seeing that surprised look on your loved ones when you out of the blue come in front of them.

Send Gifts:


Gifts are cherished by all and in long distance relationships it really helps to bring a smile on your love’s face specially when he is having rough days at work. We all love gifts because they remind us of our special ones. You don’t always need an occasion to send him a gift. Send him flowers or key chains or picture collages or desk mug for his office with picture of you two or anything that he loves, something that brings a smile on your partner’s face everytimehe sees it. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to buy him gifts. Be a little creative, there are many DIYs on the internet which you would love to try because handmade gifts always hold more value.


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