10 hollywood characters that are always there in your friend’s group

We all know that every person in our group has a unique trait which differentiates that person from everyone else in the group. They bug you, irritate you and at times just kill you for these habits and you tease them up for their traits. But no matter how irritating they are we just love them for who they are. And at times while watching a movie or a sit-com we come across characters and we are like bang on that’s so him (or her) !! And few of those are :

1. Takes excessive pride to talk about his achievements. Corrects you most of the time, even for your grammatical mistakes and is rigid & inflexible and often compels you to give in to his ideas (Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory”).

2. Rough n tough, wants to try something new and is always up for adventures and is bold enough to take risks (Alexander-the supertramp from “In to the wild”).

3. He is rich, manages to look good in everything he wears, very confident, a womanizer, and is often giving advice to his fellow mates on how to get a date (Barney from “How I met your mother”/ Charlie from “Two and a half men”).

4. Always into books, nerdy, meek, timid, not very comfortable to open up with the opposite sex and is usually seeking advice from friends on how to approach a girl (Raj from “The Big Bang Theory”).

5. Loves to eat, can do anything for a good meal, prefers food over women, he basically lives to eat (Joey from “Friends”).

6. Pretty, beautiful, popular amongst all guys, just not into books, loves to shop, likes to go crazy and party and manages to get her things done from guys by that extra sweet gesture which makes guys go head over heels for her (Penny from “The Big bang theory”/ Rachel from “Friends”).

7. She is cute, emotional, cries watching her favorite tv shows and movies, gets clumsy when finds someone attractive, wants to fall in love, wants to be one of those hot girls (Jess day from “New girl”).

8. Tomboy, hangs out with guys, into sports, prefers sweatshirts and tees over tank tops, and dislikes all the girly stuff, never afraid to kick somebody’s ass(Viola from “She’s the man”/ Bella from “Twilight”).

9. Dopes, ciggies, chilams, prefers a secluded life, away from all the hustle bustle. Classic rock, soft rock and sometimes metal is what’s goin in his earphones when he is on a fag break. He just wants to take it easy and move with the flow (Jesse from “Breaking bad”).

10. They think that they sing well ( but  darling! no u don’t) so they’ll go on and on and on with their painful renditions (Phoebe from “Friends”).

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