Salim-Sulaiman And Farhan Akhtar Shake The Nation With Their Moving Verse On Women Empowerment

Salim-Sulaiman and Farhan Akhtar ask women to #ReachForTheSky through this moving verse penned down to empower women across the nation. The song titled “Chulein Aasman” is something more than just a feminist number, it is musical beckon to women across the nation to defy the norms that have oppressed them over the years.

  • The song touches sensitive topics such as education, loss of individuality and the inequality of women all over India and focuses on women making up only 30% of India’s online population.
  • This is a serious issue which needs to be addressed. Innumerable talented Indian women are unable to break free of their predefined roles and limitations in the modern day.
  • Without access to the internet there are uncountable women who cannot showcase their abilities and talents to the world or pursue their passion.
  • The song urges women to give up their inhibitions and break free from their cages. The singers urge women to show the world that they can accomplish anything.


Women Empowerment


It even features women who have stepped up and out of gender norms and the roles that have been forced upon them over the years. These women have shown the world their magic with the help of the Internet and so can you!

So get up and break free from you cage and tell the world that you are more powerful than it may seem.

It’s time for women to reach for the sky!

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