10 Signs You Are Finally Over Your Ex

Breakups and heartbreaks are always difficult to get over with. It might take you months or even years to get over your ex but it anyway happens. There would be plenty of people who would come in your life and tell you their version of experiencing the same and slowly, with time, you’ll learn, cope up with it and finally get over it. And as they say, life doesn’t stop for anyone, it just gets heavy but what most people fail to understand is that it gets lighter too.

1. You have a brand new crush!

A sense of loyalty towards your ex is always there, even after the break up if you haven’t moved over him. But if you have started finding other guys cute and hot, then the good news is that you have started getting over your ex.

2. You don’t feel like “my life sucks” on seeing the pictures of happy couples

You sure have many pictures of your moments of being together, but you unfortunately can’t post them anymore and you must have already deleted the ones that you posted earlier on your social media accounts. But if you don’t feel anything on seeing the lovey dovey couples then trust me, it’s a good sign.

3. You have deleted the mushy text messages from your then boyfriend

There would probably be uncountable cheesy messages from him that you would have read and re-read for like thousands of times but now finally you decide to delete those text threads. If you haven’t done so, go for it. Delete them all, it helps a lot!

4. You don’t cry yourself to sleep

No matter how brave and care free you act in front of your friends but yet, unless you’re absolutely over him, some song or his thoughts or some picture will definitely make you cry before you finally fall asleep. But if you’ve started to feel drowsy the moment you’re into bed and you don’t care if you’ve remembered him or not, then darling you surely are over him!

5. You have started to trust people again

So he broke your heart, shattered your trust. And the worst part is not just him, your entire power to trust anyone would’ve been brutally shaken but now you’ve started to build the trust factor in you again and you can believe in other people. Rest assured, you’re done babe!

6. Listening to “our” song is not a necessity anymore

If you do not anymore listen to the songs that remind you of him and the memories you shared, girl! you are so getting over him.

7. You don’t feel him anymore

No matter what the level of your intimation with your partner was like, there was a twinge in your heart that you used to feel earlier but now, in a very long time, nothing related to him, be it his photos, the mention of his name, his accidental messages, has made you feel the same way. Sole reason: It’s over!

8. You’re more focused on your career and life goals

This heart break would have hindered your level of concentration for a long time but not anymore. Now you know what your priority should be and what future holds for you. His stay in your life might be uncertain but your education and your career is something you can be sure about. And now, that’s all you really care about.

9. You’re happy for him if he has found someone else

This is the hardest thing to do. Agreed. But once you’ve achieved this level, there’s no turning back. If you are genuinely happy with his new girlfriend and you can actually say good things about her then just know it, you far past him.


10. You are happy being single

If you don’t anymore crib about the mistake you’ve done in the past, and are happy enjoying the newly attained singlehood, then you sure as hell have moved on.


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