15 Most Annoying Struggles That Every Woman Goes Through Everyday

The stuff we girls deal with every day is even tougher than fighting zombies. With all the nitty-grityy details, the drama, and the never ending efforts to always look beautiful, a woman’s daily struggles make her  life a tad more complicated than the man’s! Here are some most annoying everyday struggles of being a woman. We’re sure you can relate to most of them.

  1. Period

When ‘Aunt Flo’ has arrived and you have to deal with the pain, the cramps, the uneasiness, the pimples..ergh!

  2. Popping Zits

That irresistible urge to pop that big red pimple on your cheek, which appeared out of nowhere just a day before your date you had been dreaming about since long!

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  3. Menstrual bloating

As if the pain wasn’t enough.

  4. Hair dents

Makes you wonder “why did I tie them in the first place?”

  5. When you accidentally rub your eye with makeup on

All hell breaks loose!

  6. Tress Stress

Because your tresses just won’t behave despite putting hours of effort.

  7. Nail fails

Every woman can understand the struggle of applying the nail paint on the right hand with the left hand.

  8. High heels-killing feet since forever

The excruciating pain when you remove your heels after hours of dancing at the club.

  9. Trying to explore the makeup world

 Priming, contouring, highlighting! How the hell are we supposed to keep up with all that??

  10. The perfect brows

It takes guts to trust a stranger with your eyebrows, and if anything goes wrong, your life is ruined.

  11. Waxing

The inexplicable agonizing pain of waxing, oh! the struggle is real.

12. Open closet. Stare blankly. Cry

Because all those clothes in our closet just aren’t right for the occasion and its upsetting.

  13. Getting the eyeliner wings right

Every girl who has struggled to give the perfect angle to their winged eyeliner can relate, when the right one reminds you of the oh-so perfect wings like Adele but the left makes you look like a drag queen .

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  14. Wearing skinny Jeans

Wearing them takes half an hour, taking them off takes even more time, not to forget how upright you will have to sit in the whole or deal.

  15. To pee in a public toilet

You just avoid going in the first place but when you really have to the struggle gets real.

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