What Goes Through A Girl’s Mind When A Guy Proposes To Her!

While every guy at least once in his life, especially in his college days, has proposed a girl saying “Would you be my girlfriend?”, there are a lot of things that goes through a girl’s mind during that time period. Although, the thought process of a girl during this time totally depends upon the equation the two share, but let’s just admit getting proposed is too flattering and who doesn’t love flattery. So here are few things that almost every girl thinks on getting proposed.

1. Did that really happen?

Yeah, that’s the most common question that would go through the mind of any girl who has just been proposed. She would have a hard time believing it even if it’s something that she’s been expecting or wanting from a long time. Yet, she would show it like, “Woah! I had no idea about this”.

2. Why would he propose to me?

I agree that’s dumb but this is the kind of situation where her rational brain stops functioning and she would come out with all kinds of crazy stuff. She would begin to ask herself, what is in me that made him propose to me? Well, you already know it girl.



3. I wish I was wearing something else!

As stupid as it may sound, this is real guys and this is exactly the kind of thing that you are going to deal with if she says yes! All the best!

I don't wanna dress like this


4. Can’t wait to tell my friends

Of course she would do that. Every girl has done it. While girls love to gossip about all the tiny-miny things with her best friends, getting proposed by a guy is major, so yes all girls would tell their best friends and brag about it just to see their reactions.

Can't wait to tell my friends
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5. Awkward!!

Yes, it’s a bit awkward for all girls, I mean somebody is out there asking you out and well you can’t just right away tell him “I would definitely go out with you as I was always waiting for this day to come” because that would sound so desperate and there is no doubt about how difficult it is to say “NO” because that would be so rude on your part right? Nothing can get more awkward than this.



6. He could have proposed in a better way

Yes. Girls want class in everything specially the proposals. So, a girl would definitely think “Really? Is this how you propose to a girl?” So boys, if you have gathered all the courage and have decided to step-up, why leave a room for complaints?

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7. God! I deserve better

This thought crosses her mind always. Well! Let’s just say most of the times. Girl have this thing in them, if they get appreciated for something once, they need something better next time! There hopes are too high! So, until you are very sure she doesn’t think low of you, don’t waste your time!

i deserve better


8. Am I prepared for this relationship?

Being in a full-time commitment with someone is not as easy as it may sound. You have to be loyal and truthful with your partner which not every person can do these days. So if you are not looking for a fling, you can’t be impromptu about such a decision.

Am i ready for this relationship


9. How fun it would be to be with him?

No one wants to be with someone who makes their life monotonous. Girls seek for fun, thrill and adventure too in a relationship. So if you are a fun person, well! She just might say yes to you.

I am bored with this


10. What if my parents find out?

Yes this is one thought that would definitely cross her mind specially if her family is not very cool about the whole dating idea. So during that 1 minute when a guy proposes she would think all the worst case scenarios that might happen in future like “what if my mom read the texts or what if my brother saw me roaming with him or what if my aunty caught me, should I tell this to my sister or no.. And yes she will consider all these things before saying yes to you.

Worst case Scenarios


11. What if my studies go on a toll?

Universal fact, when you are in love, your concentration gets hampered and studying gets way too difficult because you are always thinking “why haven’t he texted me back” “why is his phone busy” “what if he is seeing a girl” so how are you supposed to sit and concentrate on your exams with all such thoughts coming in your mind.

I need help

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