Should Women Be Wearing A Bra To Bed?

While there is no match to the feeling of taking off your bra after returning home from work, women often face the dilemma- whether they should or should not be wearing their bra when going to bed. Before we even begin discussing, if there is one thing women should understand is, sleeping in a bra will not cause breast cancer.

The verdict? Well, it truly depends on the size of your breasts, says one of the leading breast cancer surgeons of the US. She explains that it is important for women with cup size D and double D to always wear bra before going to bed, while an A and B can let go of it and sleep without any confinement.

In fact, sleeping in a bra can only be beneficial. This is because either our breasts are being supported for 8 hours or they are not. Simple logic: the more they’ll be supported, the more will they stay up.

To the women who prefer the comfort of bra while sleeping, it is very important to keep in mind a few things. The bra should not be wired, too tight, or provide discomfort to the breasts in any way. If that be the case, it’ll do nothing but harm the breasts in many ways.

1. It has been noticed that women wearing breast supports or bras which are too tight have faced constriction and blockage of blood circulation in that area which can lead to lymphatic drainage, chronic inflammation and regular discomfort.

2. Also, the straps of bra, if too tight, can cause hyperpigmentation of skin in that area. Make sure that the bra is skin-friendly and made of cotton or micro-fiber material.

3. Routine wearing of underwired bras can push into the chest and this continuous rubbing can cause cyst growth in breasts. Always pick a soft, non-wired bra if you are going to wear one.

Bottom line, sleeping with or without bra will not cause any harm to breasts, so how about sticking to whatever keeps you more comfortable!


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