Eight simple ways to keep you warm in winters

Winter is at its best these days and with temperature dipping every day, chances of getting cold, cough, flu, joint pains, asthma, headache and dry skin (common ones amongst many other illnesses) increase manifold. So here are some ways to enjoy the season’s foggy morning and frosty evenings to the fullest:

1. Keep warm by dressing warm

Warm clothing especially when it’s layered helps manifold to keep cold at bay. Most of our energy is lost through head, hand and feet. Wear thick warm socks, mittens, gloves, warm caps and try to cover all exposed areas to help retain body heat.

2. Warm up your house

Place rugged mats all over the house so as to avoid your bare feet to come in contact with the freezing cold floor in winters. Keep the windows and doors close to prevent the cold wave of air from coming inside. During sunny winter mornings open up your blinds and curtains and let the warm rays of sun in your room. Glass helps the light to pass through but prevents it from going out and thus will help you enjoy the warmth of the Sun.

3. Get Moving

In winters, we all feel like staying indoors, we give a pause to our exercise regimen and arecozy and hibernated but instead it’s important to exercise or stretch for few minutes in winters as well. Research suggests that a little exercise can help give a boost to our immune system and thus keep the cold and cough at bay. In case you are suffering from cold avoid exercising.

4. Stay Hydrated

Dry skin, chapped lips, dry cough, headaches are some very common winter problems which can be easily resolved by drinking plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep most winter problems away. We tend to avoid drinking water in winters simply because its too cold so try drinking lukewarm water in winters which will make it easier for you to drink it more often.

5. Add Garlic in Diet

Adding garlic to our diet has been proven to be incredibly helpful as it gives a boost to our immune system.Garlic has antibiotic properties and its cloves are known for their healing powers against cold, cough and flu. For chronic cold, try garlic tea (add chopped garlic in hot water and let it remain for few minutes and then strain and sip).

6. Ginger

Everyone in India is a fan of ‘Adrakwali chai’ as ginger popularly known as adrak in Indian household provides immediate relief to various winter illnesses.  2 tbsp of freshly shredded ginger in hot water, twice or thrice a day helps to treat flu and cold symptoms. Also ginger is a natural expectorant and hence helps in fighting cough and throat irritation.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt boosts immunity and is a great digestive aid as it contains probiotics (good bacteria). Four ounces of yogurt each day helps in preventing cold.

8. Green tea

Green tea emerged from China and now is consumed by a large population throughout the world. Loaded with polyphenols, which act as great anti-oxidants, green tea offers some incredible benefits. Winters often makes one lethargic resulting in reduced physical activity. Green tea is known to burn fat and speeds up the metabolism. Green tea also supports healthy cholesterol levels.

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