Here’s Why Girls Find Bad Boys So Irresistible !

“Bad boys ain’t no good, but good boys ain’t no fun”

We know it’s a bit cruel to categorize men for falling into one of the two categories, but what’s funny is women still picking the bad ones over the good! Women will get their heart ripped out by the later tagged “the insensitive jerk that I dated”, but there is no denying the fact that they still won’t settle for the “nice” guy. Here’s an attempt to unravel the mystery which has left everyone amazed from a very long time!

Bad boys


1. Nice guys are usually boring

The good guys are usually too good and girls are not comfortable with that. The crazy mess that women are, they want someone as messed up as them. Because the good guys don’t do anything substantial to get categorized as “troublesome”and women mostly find them quite sorted which is why they are most outrightly friendzoned.

Good Guys are boring

2. Bad boys are, well, SEXY!

They’re bad BECAUSE they’re sexy! They have the “swag”. They have the thrill. They will go against their parents’ wishes and take huge risks in life and this is what we (secretly) love about them! It’s very appealing to see “the look” that they give us and we fall for it every single time!

Sexy boys

3. They smoke a fag, they tipple

Surprised? Yes, many girls dig that! Because smoking has redifend the term “cool” , no matter how much a girl complains about guys getting addicted to drugs, alcohol and smokes, they sometimes can’t stop staring at him while he takes a drag! Also, they find bad guys as the best company when they wish to party like an animal!

Drugs Addict


4. Bad boys need to be fixed

Girls find bad boys as a project which needs to be fixed, and girls love to do that! They’ll try to delve deeper into their life to find out why exactly are they “bad” and try to fix their “broken” soul.

Bad Guys needs to be fixed
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5. Good guys can get too serious

Not all girls are looking for serious relationships. And just in case they meet a good guy, they’re intimidated by the fact that the guy wants a commitment.

Serious Relationship


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