All You Need To Know About Bikini Waxing!

Are you planning to get your bikini line waxed for the first time or are you just ignoring the whole idea of getting your pubic hair waxed because you are too scared? Although bikini wax may sound scary but it doesn’t really is if you get it done by a good professional. It also comes with its own benefits over the traditional, boring and time consuming methods of shaving. Surely, it is the most intimate and delicate area of your body and therefore you must know certain things before going ahead with waxing.

Bikini Waxing


Guidelines for the first timers

  1. Since, this would be the first time you’ll be totally exposing yourself to a stranger, it is okay to feel a little shy. The best thing you can do to ease the situation is indulging in a casual conversation. Silence, during it makes you feel extra conscious and uncomfortable.
  1. Never shave 5 days before you’re going to get the waxing done because until your hair length is about a quarter inch, the wax does not have anything to hold onto and so the process of waxing does not give desired results.
  1. Do not have sex or workout for at least 24 hours after you get your waxing done. The skin specialists and the waxers advice that any activity that makes your body sweaty and causes friction between your skins should be avoided as it causes itching and chances of you getting an infection also gets high.
  1. If you’re very anxious about it, have a cold shower before you get it done. Nothing, accept the fact that you feel fresh and you know you’re clean and smell nice makes you calm and a little more confident about exposing yourself to a stranger.
  1. Wear cotton undies, sweats and a loose t-shirt after getting your bikini wax done, especially the first time. Your private areas would surely be a little swollen and red and pairing it with a tight jeans would never be a good idea. Be in your sweats or anything that is comfortable enough.
  1. Always use a good moisturizer after getting done with the waxing part. It smoothens your skin and reduces the pain and irritation if any.
  1. It does NOT hurt as bad as you think it would. Yes, for the worst time, it surely would hurt a little but only when your waxer would rip of the wax strip off your skin and the pain would last for a few seconds but it still isn’t as bad as you must have heard. It wouldn’t be like the most painful thing you would have ever gone through.



Pros and Cons of Bikini Waxing


  • Smoothness: Getting your pubic hair waxed will leave your skin completely soft and smooth.
  • Bikini Ready: You wouldn’t have to worry about grooming yourself at the last minute if you are getting the waxing done regularly and you can slip into your two-piece suit whenever you want to.
  • Reduces Hair Growth: Getting regular waxing sessions result in the outcome of thinner and shorter hair growth which then requires lesser attention.
  • Aesthetical Pleasure: Apart from everything else, the best part is that women feel much more confident about themselves after getting the bikini wax done.


  • Pain: The parts of your body that are sensitive and where the skin is loose, it hurts badly while ripping off hair from there, especially if your skin is not properly toned or the waxer doing it is not well trained.
  • High risk of infections: After waxing, the pores of your skin are left open for some time which can cause the skin to catch infection. The environment of the salon and unclean tools can increase the risk of infections.
  • Itching: Once the hair starts to grow back, though it happens at a slower rate, since a new follicle erupts from the skin, it can cause a bit of itching.
  • Price: Getting the bikini wax done always costs a huge amount as it is very important to get it done from professionals which is never a cheap option.



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