Indian Women Creating History; Rio Olympics For 3 Indian Women Wrestlers For The Very First Time

Year 2016 is witnessing Indian women creating history one after the other. Recently we heard the news of first 3 women fighter pilots and now it’s time to celebrate the achievement of 3 Indian women wrestlers who have qualified for the Olympics.

Vinesh Phogat Wrestling

Women being trained to become professional wrestlers is a very rare thing in itself and now that these three, 21-year old Vinesh Phogat, 23-year old Sakshi Malik and 26-year old Babita Kumar Phogat, have qualified for the upcoming Rio Olympics, we feel proud and contented. All the three girls are born and brought up in the same area of Haryana and have been trained by Mahavir Singh Phogat, father of Babita Phogat who is a former wrestler himself.

Indian women wrestlers in Rio Olympics

After getting qualified, Sakshi Malik expressed her satisfaction by saying, “We had been training quite intensively in Bulgaria and I was making sure that I was mentally prepared for the pressure that this competition brought. I was in good rhythm after my opening bout and I just continued to do what I was doing. It was a matter of keeping my composure in the last minute of my semifinal bout against the Chinese wrestler. I am happy that I managed to hold on.”

Women Wrestling

No matter, how difficult their journey was, the girls have crossed all the complications breaking through the restrictions and bravely facing all the criticisms. “It’s so difficult being a woman, forget about being a female wrestler”, said Vinesh Phogat, one of the achievers. She also told the interviewees about the opinions that the society had for them. “People would say wrestling is not a woman’s sport, if you break your limbs, who will marry you?”

But the girls certainly did not care about any of it and emerged with flying colors to achieve their dreams. They are all set to represent India in the Olympics and we wish them a very good luck.


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