10 Books To Encourage The Feminist Within You

Books are windows to the soul is what many would say, and for those of you women who are strong and determined to show the world that you matter, there are certain books and characters that will help you along the way. Maybe not in practice, but surely these books will help build courage, determination and hope through their powerful female leads and characters. So here’s a list of ten YA books, that every feminist soul simply must read.

1. Queen of theTearling – Erika Johansen

1. Queen of theTearling – Erika Johansen

The first book to the Queen of the Tearling series is filled with magic, adventure, romance and mystery and is a truly enchanting read for any feminist who loves the fantasy genre! The story revolves around a young princess who must reclaim her dead mother’s throne, learn to be a ruler—and defeat the Red Queen, a powerful and malevolent sorceress determined to destroy her.

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2. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Who could be a better female role model than Katniss Everdeen- the mockingjay? From being the girl on fire whose archery skills pack a punch, she became the symbol for an entire rebellion and helped her entire nation take on the oppressed rulers in the capital. Yet even then she maintained her individuality and freedom of expression, despite the cost that she would have to pay for it.

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3. Beauty Queens – Libba Bray

Beauty Queens – Libba Bray

This book has a great premise (a plane full of aspiring beauty queens on their way to the final pageant crashes on a supposedly deserted island) and is chock full of fantastic, feminist female representation from all walks of life, action, and humour.

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4. The Lie Tree – Frances Hardinge

The Lie Tree – Frances Hardinge

Having been declared as 2016’s Costa Book of The Year, the story revolves around a girl named Faith, who wants to follow in her father’s footsteps as a natural scientist, despite the trappings of the Victorian era that attempt to foil her desires. Following her father’s murder, she takes the investigation into her own hands, and along the way discovers her own strength and that of others in her life.

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5. Wolf by Wolf – Ryan Graudin

Wolf by Wolf – Ryan Graudin

The book is based in an alternate universe where the Axis powers won WWII. It’s 1956 and Hitler and Emperor Hirohito are commemorating their victory with a motorcycle race across Europe and Asia, and Yael, who has developed shape shifting powers after hideous lab experiments in the camps must impersonate one of the greatest female riders in order to get close enough to kill Hitler. If you like the Hunger Games then you’ll surely love this!

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6. Does my head look big in this – Randa Abdel Fattah

Does my head look big in this – Randa Abdel Fattah

Amal Mohamed Nasrullah Abdel-Hakim is a sixteen year old Australian Palestinian-Muslim girl trying to juggle school, friends, and family, as well as handle the onslaught of reactions to her choice to wear the hijab full-time. Hilarious, illuminating, and inspiring AF, this book is an excellent reminder to teen girls to make their own choices and stand by their own beliefs.

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7. A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

Imagine what Game of Thrones would be like if it had been written as a YA book with bunch of more female characters, that’s what this book is. The plot revolves around a huntress named Feyre who finds herself in the world of the Fae, falling in love with one of the most powerful immortal beings of all. But the world of the Fae is in danger, it’s only Feyre who can do something about it.

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8. Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead

With a strong, sarcastic and highly humorous female warrior, Rose Hathaway in the lead who doesn’t let anyone get in between her and her best friend Lissa, this is one book that all feminists will love and will probably end up tearing down the entire series. Despite being a girl she becomes one of the strongest and most successful Vampire stakers in her entire academy, and she’s well known for her downright ability to pick a fight with whoever gets onto her wrong side.

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9. Code Name Verity – Elizabeth Wein

Code Name Verity – Elizabeth Wein

The book lies in the genre of historical fiction and revolves around the friendship of an English spy taken captive in France by the Nazis, and the Scottish pilot who brought her to France in the first place. It is written in the form of a confession and is a beautiful and exceptional ode to female friendship and strength. This books tends to the more mature side of YA but is well worth the read!

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10. Rebel of the Sands – Alwyn Hamilton

Rebel of the Sands – Alwyn Hamilton

For a more adventurous read with a spectacular female protagonist, this book is the best fro you. With nothing but her killer shooting skills and an infallible spirit, Amani leaves home behind (before she’s forced to marry her uncle) in hopes of finding a new life in the city. But before she knows it, she finds herself roped into a revolution. It’s an epic adventure with a smart, funny, and fascinating woman at its centre and a bit of romance dabbed in to keep your heart satisfied.

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