10 Things You Will Definitely Relate To If You Are in Love With Your Sweatpants

The only thing in today’s world which gives you comfort of the utmost level are the sweatpants. I mean who are we kidding, wearing jeans is the most uncomfortable outfit specially when the temperatures are soaring, but why wear jeans when you have sweatpants. Seriously no girl can deny the fact the sweatpants give you the out of the world feeling because of their ‘oh! so comfy’ fabric which you can wear all day long and still never get tired of it.

1. They are the only piece of your clothing that can hide away all your flab

Sweatpants are the only piece of clothing that hides all your plumps here and there quite amazingly.




2. It’s all that you want on your weekend

You’d rather wear them with a baggy T-shirt and stay at home on a Saturday evening than wearing a shimmery dress and going out to party.

Comfortable Sweatpants


3. Always trending

They are the only constants in your wardrobe. No matter what kind of fashion comes or goes, sweatpants are forever.

Trending Sweatpants


4. How many times do you need to wash them? Almost NEVER

You can go on wearing them over and over again and you care a shit about washing them until you are on you periods. How cool is that?

No need to wash Sweatpants
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5. Can’t even imagine wearing anything else after gym

They are the best after gym clothes that lets the bottom part of your body relax after the workout.

Gym pants


6. When you can’t decide on what to wear, sweatpants to the rescue

That’s like an everyday thing. What do you wear before going to bath? Sweatpants! What do you want to wear when you can’t decide which clothes to wear to college/work? Sweatpants! What clothes do you want to wear after you come back? Sweatpants! What do you want to wear while sleeping? Sweatpants!

Nothing to wear


7. Nothing fits better after a large meal other than them

If you’ve eaten too much food, even more than your stomach can possibly handle, all you want to wear is your favorite sweatpants. You can pull them as above your waist as possible and they won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Sweatpants for girls


8. No alternate solution while PMS-ing

That’s the worst part of the month when your emotions are on absolute toll along with your body. The only kind of pants that can make you act normal then are sweatpants!

No alternate solution of sweatpants


9. They fit almost every sized body

You don’t have to struggle with your sweatpants. They will fit you no matter how skinny or healthy you get

Fat Guy in a little Coat


10. The day when you don’t want to wear them never comes

And it’s never going to happen. Trust me!

Sweatpants Forever

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