7 Ideas For A Happy And Fun Filled Married Life

Marriage brings upon us a lot of responsibilities which might sometimes lead to a monotonous married life. Today almost every married couple is working for a better lifestyle, better education for their kids, a better home but they have almost forgotten to reprioritize their marriage. Couples today have got so engrossed in their routines that all the fun that they’ve had before has vanished.

They are still caught up in their family of origin, their siblings and friends, fixing their problems. The whole point of getting married is that you two prioritize each other over everything. Yes, everything because this relationship is your anchor relationship. Your conscience must know that your spouse comes first and the earlier you understand and start believing in it the better your married life.

The author of “Blueprints for a solid marriage”, Dr. Steve Stephens writes couples who know how to play and have fun together develop a bonding that can carry them through the most difficult of times”.

Here are few things that you can include in your life that will help you have a fun-filled joyous married life:

 1. Create couple rituals :

No matter how busy or exhausted you are from the day’s work, take time out to do things together. Adopt simple things in your routine like drinking tea/coffee together in the morning or after coming home from work, going for a jog in the morning or a walk after dinner together, going for a couple spa or having a little conversation before going to bed.

Create couple rituals

2. Plan Date Nights :

Choose a day from your calendar when you both can just enjoy each other’s company. Go for a movie or have a meal at your favorite restaurant. You can plan a date without always burning a hole in your pocket too. Plan movie nights at home where you can enjoy your favorite drink and cook a different meal for your spouse.

Plan Date Nights

3. Explore new and fun things :

Do something new and exciting together. Go hiking, bungee jumping, sky diving or anything that involves adrenalin rush. Doing such things together breaks the monotony of life and such experiences will encourage you to explore more and do fun. Make a rule to not complain because every experience is worthwhile when done with your loved one. You may not have liked it now but will remember forever.

Explore new and fun things
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4. Had a fight? go out and resolve :

Don’t make your bedroom a place to fight and argue over. If something is bothering you about your partner, talk it out with him/her by taking a stroll in your society or going for a drive. Clear the misunderstandings, don’t wait for tomorrows to make things better. The longer you will wait, the messier it might get. So clear it on the first go itself.

Had a fight? go out and resolve
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5. No fights on your special days :

Discuss it out with your spouse and make a point that you won’t fight or bring arguments or conflicts or any such issue which might raise one on your date nights, your birthdays and anniversaries. Do not spoil each other’s birthday over some meaningless issue. Remember nothing, no issue can be as big or as important as your spouse’s special day so avoid such issues and rather discuss them the next morning. Also avoid topics of arguments while you are on your vacation with your spouse.

No fights on your special days

6. Do simple things together :

Lend a helping hand to your spouse when she’s doing house chores. Treat your partner with his/ her favorite ice cream after having dinner at home. Make it a practice to go eat something sweet when you have resolved an argument.Go watch a sunset, play charades or anything that interests you both.

Do simple things together
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7. Get Away  :

Take a break from your hectic schedule and plan a vacation. And this time just ‘you two’. Plan in advance so that you can save from the beginning and this will also help you avail good discounts on flights and hotels. Plan one trip in a year to a far-away land where you both can explore the place and enjoy each other’s company. This way despite having a busy monotonous life you will always look forward to your vacation.

Get Away

Try these simple and fun ideas for a “happily ever after” married life.

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