Croatian Tattoo Artist Creates Breathtaking Art With Table Salt and Then Wips it Off!

Croatian tattoo artist, Dino Tomic, is in news these days for his intricate and impeccable art work with table salt. Dino who is a graduate in arts and works as an art teacher and a full time tattoo artist at his shop in Norway, started his salt art after he thought to give his wrist some rest from drawing. Domic in an interview to Buzzfeed said “My wrist was hurting from so much drawing so I needed to take a break. I started with salt 3 weeks ago just to relax my wrist – because I only use my shoulder.”

Domic has created some of the most beautiful art works with table salt which includes Mandalas, Tiger and horse, portrait of the cast of Games of Thrones and many more.

But what is more amusing is to see his videos destroying his art work by wiping off the salt.

You can check his work at his Instagram.

Dino Tomic large salt art
Source: Instagram


Dino Tomic Painting
Source: Instagram


Dino Tomic mandala
Source: Instagram


Sand Art
Source: Instagram

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