6 Everyday Struggles Of Women Who Wear Padded Bras

While a padded bra is a savior for those women who have small breasts and also who want to have definitive shape of their boobs but wearing one for a whole day is a struggle in itself. Apart from being undeniably supportive for your boobs, padded bras can sometimes really become a pain in the ass.

1. They make your breasts sweat in summers

Apart from the soaring temperatures and the skin tan, there is one more reason why you hate summers, that is because it is almost impossible to spend an entire summer day with a padded bra on, the sweat is inevitable and it makes you feel gross.

2. The uncomfortable stiffness.

Be it any kind of bra you’re wearing, you would obviously want to remove it after a long hectic day but when it’s a padded one, you can’t even thing of doing anything else before removing it as soon as you reach home. That’s how uneasy you’ve been feeling all day.

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3. The underwire give you rashes

The rashes that comes along with wearing an underwired bra are unbearable and then you need to leave them uncovered so that it can heal but unfortunately you have work the next day too.

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4. One separate drawer for padded bras

The pads get distorted on twisting so you definitely need to have one seperate drawer for them so that you can keep them properly in stack.

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5. Need to be separately washed

You can’t even wash them with rest of your clothes because they need to be hand-washed with proper precautions and along with that, the amount of water the pads absorb is just too much.

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6. They just won’t let you sleep

Trust me you just can’t sleep while wearing a padded bra. Forget sleeping, simply lying down wearing a padded bra is one hell of a task and lying sideways will make you feel all the more uncomfortable.

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