12 Things All Women Do But Would Never Ever Accept

Being a member of the fairer sex I admit, there’s a vast amount of things that I and all other women do but would never admit doing. Whether it’s as simple as not admitting to have applied the third layer of mascara or as crazy as not admitting to buying stuff that is absolutely of no use, there’s a lot of things that we won’t concede to doing and this list states some of the most common things that we women simply can’t bring ourselves to admit to!

1. Spending indefinite time fixing up their appearance and saying that they barely did a thing

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From straightening or blow drying our hair to spending ages in front of the mirror to get the perfect wings on oureyeliner, we women spend a lot of time prepping ourselves up everyday but for some reason; hate to admit that we’ve given so much weightage to our appearance in the list of preferences.

2. Using nail paint to slyly cover up yellow finger nails

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We love keeping our nails long and often apply different colours of nail paints to go with our attire. Doing so regularly often leaves our nails yellow and to hide the pale yellow dirty nails we have no choice but to cover it up again with a new shade ofnail paint.

3. Wearing sleeves when you don’t have waxed underarms

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Yep. The summer season calls for sleeves only when we have something to hide and underarms are the one thing that can deter a female from indulging in sleeveless clothing.

4. Saying the opposite of what they think

It’s a known fact that women say stuff that is completely opposite to what we actually think. We just sometimes fail to speak our minds and yet it remains as one of the few things that any of us would ever admit doing.

5. The “Just woke up like this” look

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It takes a lot of effort behind the hot “WokeUpLikeThis” selfie. The first thing any woman does after waking up is rush to the mirror and fix up a nice “just woke up like this” look and pretend to the world that it’s the way we simply woke up.

6. Better to arrive late than to arrive ugly

Remember that quote from the Princess Diaries? “A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early.” We’re all queens in our own worlds.

7. Don’t feel like shaving your legs? Time to put on some pants

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It’s true, grooming ourselves is a necessity but sometimes it just gets tedious. There are days when we just can’t put ourselves up to the task so we try as hard as we can to cover it all up.

8. All women love to be cheesy

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Even while dating a playboy, there will come a time when we uncover the sappy cheesy freak that hides beneath that sophisticated mask.

9. Fantasizing about sappy romantic proposals

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Women always fantasize about the most romantic ways in which they might be popped the question.

10. Buying things that they don’t need

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Is something on sale? Is it pretty? Then that’s enough reason to drain some money and take it home. It doesn’t matter if we’re never going to use or wear it, all we need is the satisfaction of owning it even if we’ll be drowning in debt soon.

11. Sleeping with make up

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One of the grossest things that all women often do is sleep with our make-up on which doesn’t only ruin our pillow covers but also leaves our faces in the semblance of a wild racoon the next morning.

12. Women have no idea how to take complements

Every woman likes a sweet complement once in a while whether it may be about us or our attire, but the thing we have no idea how to do is respond to one. More often than you’d think, a complement that was recepted in utter awkward silence actually made us smile.

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Shraya Singh
Shraya is currently an engineering student with a flair for writing. Apart from being a student she is a part time Jedi and inhabitant of Middle Earth with and has an insatiable love for books and fantasy. But in truth she is a storyteller; the purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think but to give you questions to think upon, and that is what she does.