Brazilian Blogger Shares His Hilarious Recreation Of Celeb’s Met Gala Outfits Made From Paper, Bin Bags And Foil

Met Gala event which is known for its showcase of extreme fashion statements by Hollywood’s famous celebrities was hosted on Monday in New York.

Many celebrities walked the Met Gala event in their iconic outfits but a blogger from Brazil showed us some DIYs on how to recreate the Met Gala outfits from some everyday items.

Joao Paulo from Salvador, Brazil has hilariously recreated the top looks of the events made from tin foil, paper and plastic bin bags.

Mr. Paulo created his own version of the celebrity dresses ranging from Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid to Nicky Minaj.

In just an hour of posting his comparison pictures, he gained thousands of likes and comments.

Check out the jaw dropping resemblance here :

Source: Instagram

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