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7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Colored Contact Lenses

By Ashmita Singh 29 Sep 2016

We women love change, be it sporting a trendy hairstyle or playing with different hues when it comes to dressing up. But many of us have apprehensions when it comes to experimenting with colored contact lenses and why not?

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How important do you think are your lips when it comes to looking glam?

Moderator:Tanvi Dobhal

Guest User Says
Well I think Glossy Lips gleans Glaze to Feminine Glamour!!

Guest User Says
Very important. Lips are something that highlight the whole face and pretty lips certainly glam up the appearance.

Ashmita Singh Says
Nice lips lift the glam of the face. Sure, they are extremely important.

Tanvi Dobhal Says
Well moisturized lips with a good lip color surely glams up your entire look

Guest User Says
Well, I believe lips difinately are an important feature on your face, groom them well, highlight them with a right shade and you don't need much to look glamorous. I am a matt lover personally and strongly believe that matt red lip color can elevate the oomph of any diva!

Guest User Says
Highlighted lips enhance your appearance..a good lip color and a smile is all what u need to look pleasant ..

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