A Daughter Is Not A Liability

An Unmarried daughter is not a liability, infact treat she is your Pride. Don't allow others to put ... By Pooja, 30 Jun 2017

Why Is He Sleeping In So Late When I'm Expected To Be Awake?

A woman should wake up early and before everyone in the family, and also only sleep after setting al... By Pooja ,29 Jun 2017

An Episode of Depression : Things we are taught not to talk about

Progressive that it may seem, our society is still struggling with the acceptance of mental illness ... By Swarnali, 21 Feb 2017

"Through the lens of a woman"- What she sees and what she percieves.

There is a difference between what people see, and how we perceive it. Here's a short description of... By Shreya ,21 Feb 2017

Why Can’t We Make a Safer India for Women?

It's time that we should unite against as a responsible nation and society to protect our mother, si... By MEERA, 19 Feb 2017

An Open Letter Ft. A Feminist Rant

Just another feminist rant trying to fix the unfixed. By Isha ,19 Feb 2017

Metamorphosis of a woman

The journey of a woman from a dependent creeper to a firm independent and self sufficient tee is dep... By Anushka, 18 Feb 2017

Angel without wings

People say we are growing and upgrading with the new technologies and ideas but I think we are only ... By Afshan ,18 Feb 2017

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