Work With Us

If you share our vision to connect women across cultures worldwide and provide them with a platform to express their thoughts and give them a chance to be truly independent, then Pinknest is the right place for you!

A glimpse of what you will be doing with us

  • Providing women with a community which makes them feel heard
  • Incorporating their vision and ideas and showcasing them to the world
  • Answering their questions and doubts no matter how small
  • Catering to their needs through knowledge from one woman to another
  • Connecting women across the globe with similar interests and experiences
  • Creating a network entirely based on female needs, actions and aspirations
  • Helping them pave a path towards independence and empowerment

A glimpse of how you will feel with us

  • We have the best and friendliest work environment
  • We have the most fun-loving team on hand
  • We have a secure office location in the most happening part of Noida
  • Our work is purely deadline based
  • We believe in equality in thoughts; there is no ideological hierarchy
  • We love to incorporate new ideas and suggestions
  • Trying new things is what we live for! Your ideas are our fodder!

Our jobs are equal parts work and fun and we maintain an environment where bitching is allowed, fashion tips are right at the corner, bedroom advice comes easy and discussions on makeup and cosmetics are not far off.

And if your heart feels like it, then you can let the air ring with the words of your favourite song, or pull a co-worker to her feet for an impromptu dance whenever you're in the mood for a little celebration.

We are a community made by the women and for the women and if you too see eye to eye with us on our ambitious journey to create something which not only caters to women, but empowers them, then we'd definitely love to have you on board!

Check out the current job openings and drop your resume to us.

Marketing Executive Content and Social Media

Help women connect with each other across borders and seas and let their voices be heard across the globe through your skills in marketing and help bring a change to the world.

Experience: 0-1 Year

Full time

Lead Content Writer

If writing is your love and passion then pen down your thoughts and let them be heard. Help us write our way into women’s hearts with your personal words and experiences!

Experience: 2-4 years

Full time

Manager Content Writing and Corporate Communication/PR

Let the world know that we are here, tell them what we are doing. Bring to the office, show them what women can do and kick some ass if they can’t digest what you do.

Experience: 2-4 years

Full time

Graphic Designer

Be the blood and bone behind the interface that helps know women across the globe together and join us in giving them the joy of independence and empowerment.

Experience: 1-3 years

Full time

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