A Thank You Letter From A Wife To The Husband Who Dumped Her

By Deepa, 02 Dec 2016

Dear Man-who-left-me-standing-and-crying,

It was crazy tough when you left me. Trouble was surely brewing in our paradise for a while, but just like that one day you went to work and decided not to come back home, not to come back to a family we had built, not to come back to me. Never once did a thought occur to me that you would abandon me. My husband, the man I loved, adored, respected and owned, didn’t want me in his life anymore. Self respect di maa di, moment for me…

You left and I stood there. I cried, I broke down, I was shattered. But I picked myself up, turned to my heels and didn’t flee but flew.

I flew, I soared, I became Jonathan Livingston’s Seagull.

Thankyou for dumping me because now I am a Boss built on self success

My job, which was just a job for me till then, became my raft, my lifeboat. It didn’t just save me, it took me places. I moved cities, moved countries, outgrew my shoes, tasted success and continue to relish the feeling of being right up there. Boss woman, making decisions, calling the shots, recognized by many and admired by many. Looking back I know I could not have broken ceilings and gotten into the C-suite, had I still been your wife. 

Thankyou for body shaming me, I love myself even more now

My body which was always shamed became my source of power. It helped me change myself and my attitude towards life. I thought we were in love and that meant I didn’t need to care how I looked, I would still be the apple of your eyes. Yes I would wear ill-fitting clothes in the pretext of them being comfortable, overlook the oodles of accumulated fat around my body and didn’t really bother about grooming and make-ups, because I thought you were into me. Your leaving me taught me to become sexy. Now I make sure heads turn as I walk past, I am the cynosure at most times and yeah I totally love the feeling of looking at myself in the mirror and not being able to take my your own eyes off me.

Thanks to you, I have found the man of my dreams

My 6 year old son is now the man in my life which you could not. His love, his admiration, his praises, his encouragement, his sacrifices are the main contributors to what I am today. The confidence I exude comes from the strength he gives me, the love I share comes from his giving to me, If I am called a super-mom today that’s is because I have a super-man as my boy! And a big thank you for contributing in bringing him to this world and giving him to me. 

My professional accomplishments speak up for me

They say that all one needs is happiness to heal any wound. Today when I sign deals, speak at large forums, when my articles get published, when I am amidst influential people, when people admire me, when I am able to spread joy & hope, when I see what I have become, when I am surrounded by people all around who love me to bits, the genuine happiness I feel; I have no one but you to thank. It was your absence that gave me the conviction to prove my worth, to stand tall and to take on the world. You are and will always be my biggest motivation. I didn’t want to prove to anybody but to myself my own worth. And I am happy to be this happy in life.

And Guess what I'm having more fun

My hobbies that I didn’t know existed became my alter ego, my balance. For someone whose life revolved around you, I suddenly had the whole world to myself. Now I travel the world, meet new people, explore, do the new, and try anything and everything I want to. I write and have the power to teleport my readers into the world I want them to witness. I attend the wildest of parties, see, know and do stuff I never knew existed, and enjoy every little moment my life. They say you know the value of happiness only when you have been sad. The delta in my case was so high that I love my everyday which is just getting better everyday.

So thank you my dear ex-husband. Thank you for making me what I am today. My life would have been a regular happily-ever-after love story with you but without you it turned into this best-selling multi-billion dollar thriller blockbuster. And me as a hero in it, I totally dig it!




About the writer:

Deepa Jayaraman, fondly called DJ and in most social mediums as Dear DJ G is a devoted single-mom of a 6 year old boy. She runs operations for one of India’s finest public relations consultancy and writes books and blogs to inspire beings to be a lot more human. 


  • Guest User
    Lovely....well written deepa.......proud of you as a woman
  • Guest User
    Deepa...It was an amazing piece of blog straight from the heart. i read visualized and absorbed your write up...Kudos to your positivity and vision. Fly high...with your ambitions dreams goals...A loving pat on the chubby cheeks of the little man of your world.....God bless and salute to the strong woman within u....
  • Guest User
    Loved your article, it is such an inspiration ???
  • Guest User
    Love it a Deepa so proud of you .
  • Guest User
    Love it a Deepa so proud of you .
  • Guest User
    Commedable Deepa, you really are an inspiration to women around the world.
  • Guest User
    Wonderful read indeed. Each word injects hope into every woman's heart and soul. Hats off to the young man , that's , your boy for being the power and strength of every nerve of yours. It is time for every man to be ashamed of claiming as husband
  • Guest User
    Amazingly well written and such an inspiration for all
  • Guest User
    DJ ... It's amazing where I Hv reached today. Ur story is truly inspirational for many in similar situation. God bles u and ur son. May you achieve all that u want to.
  • Guest User
    DJ ... It's amazing where I Hv reached today. Ur story is truly inspirational for many in similar situation. God bles u and ur son. May you achieve all that u want to.
  • Guest User
    You are a true inspiration deepa
  • Guest User
    I admire you the way you have turn your life. I totally agree respect in knew of the thing which a women has to keep up... Great achievement madam..
  • Guest User
    Moving on is the most powerful and under utilised thing... and you used it to perfection... keep moving
  • Guest User
    Well done DJ I to have been in your shoes n had four kids n today they are all married n doing well and I am a retired mom now. All the best and keep up the good work God bless
  • Guest User
    Thank you wife for abandoning me and THEMIS to be away from your responsibilities .Themis is doing much much better without you.Thank you
  • Guest User
    Hei Deepa ... u are a hero and have inspired me a lot ??
  • Guest User
    More power to you Deepa. Feel privileged to know you
  • Guest User
    Great DJ.. well articulated.. kudos to u.. love to shlok! Naazish
  • Guest User
    Super pround of you Deepa..keep it up and keep smiling...Nirupa ????????
  • Guest User
    Awesome DJ! You are truly inspirational....
  • Guest User
    Hi Deepa really inspired by your journey.God bless you and the little boy.Many more happiness and love to you both.A proud feeling that I know you.Salma..
  • Guest User
    Awesome this is the way it shod b
  • Guest User
    Best post ever.... All the best mam... Stay blessed..

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