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This New Ad Featuring Aamir Khan Paves A Positive Path Towards Gender Eq...

The new star plus advertisement features Aamir Khan as a proud father of two daughters who helped hi... By Parnika, 03 Mar 2017

AIB’s New Video Is A Hilarious Glimpse Into A Woman’s Reproductive Drama...

AIB released a hilarious yet heart-warming video about a woman and all the drama her reproductive pa... By Ashmita ,28 Feb 2017

Meet Tao, A 98 Year Old Yoga Teacher Who Will Give You Some Serious Fitn...

In our busy schedule, it is difficult to take out time for ourselves, to just stop and breathe for a... By Kuheli, 01 Feb 2017

Akshay Kumar Has A Strong Message For All Women As He Condemns Bengaluru...

Akshay Kumar shared a video on his Facebook to slam the molestation case expressed his anger over th... By Tanvi ,05 Jan 2017

Forget Unlocking Phones, Now Fingerprints Unlock This Dream Closet As We...

For every girl, a perfect closet is always closer to dreams than reality, but for Californian health... By Shraya, 16 Nov 2016

Watch Failed Attempt of Thak Thak Gang to Rob At Delhi Bypass

Ladies if you are living in Delhi and NCR then you sure need to be cautious of the ‘Thak Thak’ gang,... By Tanvi ,05 Nov 2016

11 Uplifting Songs About Women Empowerment

The music industry has grown to be a major hub for women to showcase their talent and ambition. But ... By Shraya, 25 Aug 2016

Girliyapa’s Tribute To All The ‘Not So Hot’ Looking Girls In The Most Hi...

A new Youtube channel called ‘Girliyapa’ has come out with their 1st episode and we assure you that ... By Tanvi ,25 Aug 2016

Let’s Role In Fits Of Laughter With Pammi Aunty

Ssumeir Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty, the internet sensation, brought every Punjabi-speaking women alive... By Ashmita, 25 Aug 2016

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