Check Out The Best Highlighters Available In India

By Ashmita, 05 Aug 2016

Face Highlighters or Illuminators glam up your face with an extra zing. They enhance your facial appearance in an elusive yet majestic way. Highlighters need a little practice before their perfect application. They need to be applied on the highest part of the cheek bones, the bridge of the nose, brow bone, inner corner of the eyes and the collar bone. You can use both powdered as well as the liquid highlighters as a part of your daily make up to give yourself a much prettier look. Here is a list of the best highlighters that are available in India.



1. Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator

Pen highlighters are easier to carry and more friendly in terms of usage. Colorbar radiant glow face illuminator is used to enhance your face make-up very elegantly. A little amount of it is enough to make your face give a perfect glow and it is amongst the best that you can have in this range.

(Price: Rs. 525)



2. Body Shop Radiant Highlighter

This is the most appropriate face highlighter for a subtle glow on your skin. It can also be mixed with your foundation or moisturizer to have the perfect celebrity look. You can use this highlighter on any type of skin texture and skin tone for desired results.

Price: Rs. 2,000. (approx.)



3. Lakme Absolute Moon Lit Highlighter

Lakme Absolute Moon Highlighter blend perfectly with your skin and is especially favored by warm skin tones. It is very decently pigmented and gives you an ethereal glow anytime you want. It looks good on your skin not just at night parties but also in the day time with your daily formal appearance.

Price: Rs. 3,000 (approx.)



4. Chambor Light and Sheer Skin Highlighter

This Chambor product is best for the dry skin tone as it has a very subtle shimmer. This again, is very useful for the warm skin tone and works perfect under your layer of foundation. It provides the best natural glow according to your requirement.

Price: Rs. 1,300 (approx.)



5. Revlon Skin Lights Face Illuminator Loose Powder

This product suits perfect for the women with oily skin as it is non greasy and non-shimmery. It is a translucent, elegant skin lighter to give you a radiant look for both your formal as well as party make up. Along with that, it nourishes the skin due to the presence of minerals and hides all the flaws in your skin. This powder illuminator is available in five different shades: golden light, bare light, natural light, bronze light and warm light.

Price: Rs. 13,000 (approx.)



6. Benefit Watt’s Up Soft Focus Highlighter

This is one highlighter that comes in a retractable packaging and therefore it stays neat. It gives your face the softest gleam and suits well with all skin types and skin tones.

Price: Rs. 4,000 (approx.)



7. Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator

AMC Face and Body Illuminator by Inglot is very easy to apply and helps you put up a very healthy glow so that you can flaunt your sharp featured look. It is absolutely non-greasy and very soft highlighter that best defines your facial features.

Price: Rs. 1,600 (approx.)



8. Bobbi Brown’s Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick

This highlighter works wonder with oily and combinations skins as it does not cake up and lasts for a very long time. It is perfect for both day and night time. Bobbi Brown’s pink Quartz Shimmer Brick offers five different shades in the form a compact brick which ca all be used together as well as individually. These shades can also be used as eyes shadow and blush according to the demand.

Price: Rs. 8,000 (approx.)



9. Coloressence Peach Light Face & Body Illuminator


This highlighter would prove to be the best option if you do now want to show that you have applied make up. It adds the most appropriate spark to your skin with a professional finish.


(Price: Rs. 340)



10. Lakme Face Sheer


Lakme Face Sheer highlighter gives you a very smooth finish without any budge or unevenness giving you the perfect look for every party. It is available in three vibrant shades: Desert rose, Earth blaze and Sun kissed.

Price: Rs. 400 (approx.)



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