The Secrets Of The Female Orgasm Unravelled

By Shraya, 07 Dec 2016

In modern times, the internet, television and various forms of social media are rife with things that teach us more about the female sexuality and well, even the age for sexual activity is getting younger as the years go by. But what still confounds many women is the subject of the female orgasm, even if they’ve already had sex there’s a high number of women that still have no clue what an orgasm actually feels like or what it is.

So, what exactly is an orgasm?

In simple terms, an orgasm is an intensely pleasurable physical response of the female body to sexual stimulation or in other terms, the state that your body attains when you’re highly aroused.

It’s known that the orgasmic experience varies from woman to woman but there are a couple of general tip offs, such as contractions in your vagina, pelvic lifting or thrusting, curling of the toes or fingers, heavy, rapid breathing and moaning, as well as a deep sense of euphoria. 

In most cases, if you’re not sure whether you’ve reached your climax or not, then you probably haven’t because the feeling is so intense, that women claim that it’s hard to confuse with anything else.

But never fear if you haven’t experienced the big O yet during intercourse, because as a matter of fact, only 30% women actually achieve orgasm during vaginal penetration. So what should you do if you want to experience the bliss that’s been the talk of the town for ages when it comes to experiences in bed?

1. Don’t make the mistake of expecting him to ‘give’ you an orgasm

The truth is, unless your guy is a heavily experienced Casanova, he probably doesn’t quite know how to give you an orgasm either. Sure, he’ll try things to get you there but unless and until you actually tell him what may or may not work for you, things will never get far from the ordinary.

2. Experiment with yourself

The best way to figure out what you need to get to the big O is by touching yourself. Most women find this taboo and refrain from indulging in self-stimulation, but it’s by far the most viable way to find out what works for you. Once you know how to get yourself going, you can share it with him and it’s bound to earn both of you positive results.

3. Do two things at once

For most women, intercourse alone isn’t enough to get to achieve orgasm, you need more stimulation. The most common thing that can work are by having him rub your clitoris while he’s thrusting inside you, or give him a hand and stimulate yourself while he’s doing his work on your vagina.

4. Don’t skip the foreplay

Although most guys (and even girls) underestimate the importance of foreplay, the fact remains that it’s a vital act for turning you on. It’s pretty obvious that an orgasm is out of question if you’re not even turned on for the intercourse. So, if he’s going too fast then make him slow down a bit. Don’t be shy to tell him what you want and how, because in most cases, guys don’t mind a little help every now and then.

5. Use lubricant

Ladies, lube isn’t just for men and old ladies, and more often than not, lube is the secret ingredient to getting yourself to climax or making your orgasm even better! About 40 percent women don’t naturally produce enough lubrication to enjoy sex so its high time you got your hands on a bottle of lube and tried it out for yourself.

6. Be in the right state of mind

The most important and underrated part of any intimate interaction with your partner is being in the right state of mind. If you’ve been having trouble climaxing then your mind might be distracted or under stress which has a grave effect on maintaining the mood that’s necessary for keeping you turned on and stimulated.



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