Put the Razor Away: 11 Reasons You Should Stop Shaving Your Pubic Hair

By Ridhima, 16 Dec 2016

“You know that a Brazilian wax is going to hurt, right?”

“I’ll just have to endure it. There’s no other way. My boyfriend likes me clean down there.”

At point did we women start treating their bodies according to our partner’s wish! Why do we feel disgusted or repelled by it that we sought to wax or shave it?

It’s official. The war of pubic hair has begun! After long decades of following a mindless ‘shaving the pubes” trend, women have now begun to embrace their bush. Women, who would cringe at the look of their pubic hair, are now the ones encouraging the world to stop shaving their lady bush.

Why would you want to rid off your bush anyway? Is it so that your downtown parts look EXACTLY as that of a pubescent girl’s? Cos, if that’s the way your partner likes you, there’s something CLEARLY wrong with him!

So cancel that Brazilian wax appointment and step away from that razor and read on to find WHY you shouldn’t shave off your pubes.

1. Pubic hair acts as a cushion during vigorous intercourse. It prevents inflammation and chaffing of the sensitive skin down there. 

2. Shaving off pubic hair leads to a higher risk for genital warts. Your lady bush helps prevent skin on skin contact and thus reduces the chances of you getting warts.

3. Pubic hair aids Lubrication. The natural oils present in pubic hair act as natural lubrication. Hence, pubes=lube!                     

4. Regularly shaving of the pubic hair, results in a loose labia in women.

5. Pubes protect you from bacteria. Pubes are present for a reason! To prevent the bad kind of bacteria to enter your genitals. They retain the good kind and dismiss the bad bacteria. They also keep unwanted dirt or debris from entering your genitals.

6. Excess scrubbing, waxing of pubes will lead to the inflammation and irritation of the sensitive skin of your genitals. This often leads to the formation of pus or infection.

 7. The skin exposed has higher chances of catching a STI.

8. You’ll save money. Did you know that an average woman spends 22,000 over her lifetime to wax her pubes? Enough said.                          


9. Pubic hair gives off pheromones. Pheromones are sexual secretions that sexually attract the opposite sex to you. When you sweat, your pubes secrete more of these pheromones. Go get some girl!

10. If you do wish to remove it, why not trim it to a minimum. You could trim your love garden in some design like a flash or arrow. After all, bushdos are in.

11. Your body, your choice. Don’t let anybody’s views influence what you do with your body.



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