Books Coming Out In 2017 That You Should Definitely Get Your Hands On

By shikha, 01 Jan 2017

2017 is bringing along with itself an amazing collection of books to look forward to throughout the year. This year will be a glowing year for all book lovers, as a number of books from all genres are lined up for release.


1. Always and forever - Lara Jean

Lara Jean is having the best time of her life. Her college, her relationship with her boyfriend and her family life is falling into place like never before. But change is lurking around the corner, when she has to take the big decisions of her life. She can’t decide what to do as going away from family and her love is difficult.


2. Lord of Shadows - Cassandra Clare

Even after avenging her parents’ death, Emma Carstairs is anything but peaceful. She has gotten into a relationship with Mark in order to save her Parabatai partner Julian from the brutal consequences. Fighting through the demands of the Faerie courts, Emma, Julian and mark must fight together.


3. The Winds of Winter - George R.R. Martin

This would be the sixth book in the series of Martin’s ‘A song of Ice and Fire’. It takes the story forward from the battle of Slaver’s Bay. This book will clear the air on the lives of quite a few characters in the storyline. Soon, it would be turned into another season of the popular ‘Game of Thrones’ series.


 4. Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman

A magical myth web woven around the characters of Odin (the wisest of the wise), Thor (Odin’s son) and Loki (Blood brother to Odin). Thor must get back his stolen Hammer, by disguising like a woman.


5. Into the Water - Paula Hawkins

Coming from a blockbuster writer of suspense thrillers, Paula Hawkins, whose other big works include ‘The girl on the train’, this story is sure to boggle your mind. It is about how far human instincts can take you and the damages caused by them.


6. Carve the Mark - Veronica Roth

A sci-fi novel about Akos and Cyra’s unique power and how this gift makes them vulnerable to others. Grab the book to see if they can reclaim control over their lives and their gifts as Akos gets captured by the enemy and how they stick together to survive.


7. Woman No.17 - Edan Lepucki

Woven around motherhood, art, passion, intense friendship, and humans caught in extreme emotions in the background of Los Angeles, this story is a gripping tale of excitement and twisted love.


8. King’s Cage - Victoria Aveyard

The third book of the Red Queen series, Mare Barrow’s spark is gone and she is at the mercy of a liar trapped in the palace. Meanwhile, her band of newbloods are preparing for war. Cal, the exiled prince will give anything to save Mare who claims his heart.


9. A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Mass

Feyre must play a deadly game against the invading King in order to save all that she loves. As war strikes, Feyre must find new allies and be careful of whom to trust. In this third book of the series, the worlds will be overturned and painted red with for power.


10. Unearthed - Amie Kaufman

When the Earth receives a signal from an alien race, it is seen as a solution to the environmentally damaged Earth because of the Undying’s advanced technology. Mia and Jules have different reasons to smuggle themselves on to Gaia and put themselves at risk, but after escaping all the dangers together, they form a bond. The more the two learn about the Undying, the greater their presence in Gaia seems to be a planning to end Human Race.


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Books Coming Out In 2017 That You Should Definitely Get Your Hands On

2017 is bringing along with itself an amazing collection of books to look forward to throughout the ... By shikha, 01 Jan 2017

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