A Glimpse In To The Life Of A Chashmish

By Shraya, 07 Nov 2016

If you suffer from a slightly deficient set of eyes like me then you probably are acquainted with the struggles of wearing glasses, or in other terms; being a chashmish. Sure, sometimes specs actually look good on people, but for the majority of us with weak eyes, putting on a pair of glasses brings down our overall look by at least two points. The worst part is, people with perfect eyesight can’t even begin to understand what’s it like to be a chashmish, and the following points probably go on to prove how different our lives are. 

1. They make you look terrible in pictures!

So maybe you have a nice lens frame, unlike my own, but the fact still remains, taking pictures without the specs is always more satisfying to your own eyes no matter what the other people might say to you.

2. At times, they make you look like an evil mastermind

More prominent when you’re taking pictures, the terrible glare that settles on the surface of your lenses makes you look like a creepy cartoon villain or a scheming scoundrel!

3. You have to be quick to take them off in certain situations

Then there’s the unspoken task of having to remove your glasses as quickly as possible every time a cute guy is in vicinity, cause, no matter how feminist my beliefs may be, it doesn’t hurt to look as pretty as possible!

4. Your efforts with eye makeup aren’t visible for the world to see

Wearing glasses tends to nullify the effect of wearing kajal or eye liner or for a matter of fact any sort of eye makeup. If there’s one thing that Indian girls can’t live without (exceptions exist), it’s a slim black kajal lined above or below our eyes which somehow (and I really don’t know why or how) manages to boost our confidence in a way that nothing else possibly can.

5. Losing a pair of glasses is always heartbreaking

Whether it’s misplacing them or losing them out of the blue, it’s always a heartbreaking occurrence. Especially when you have to part with the frame that took you such a long time to get used too, not to mention the hole that buying a new pair burns into your pocket.

6. Wearing 3-D glasses is an absolute pain

One can’t complain enough about the struggles of watching a 3D movie when you wear specs. Do you wear the 3D glasses or do you wear your own? it’ll be blurry either way. Or do you instead wear one on top of the other at the same time and look like an idiot? It’s a difficult choice to make indeed.

7. Your first impression is that of a nerd

Sure, maybe wearing glasses makes you feel smart for a brief moment, but we all know you’re still the same person inside. Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you’re suddenly Wikipedia on legs, it only means that the doctor told you that your eyes suck at being eyes.

8. It adds a couple of years to your actual age

They say that teacher’s think you’re more serious and intellectual if you wear glasses, and that somehow that helps improve your impression in front of them. But in truth, all your glasses do is make you instantly look 5 years older than you actually are and weak in the eyes (obviously).

9. Breaking lenses is a frequent affair

The most irritating of all is the fact that every time you fall asleep wearing your glasses, you wake up and bam! They’re broken.

10. You can't always flaunt a cool pair of sunglasses

You can only flaunt your trendy pair of sunglasses if you are wearing contact lenses or if you own prescription sunglasses. 

11. Finding yourself a right pair is the toughest task

Everytime you go to buy yourself a pair of eyeglasses, it takes forever to choose the right frame and in most cases you end up regretting why you purchased them. 

For some, they may not be such a setback, but for the rest of us including me, glasses certainly don’t help you in life with anything other than aiding your sight. And I suppose that was the sole purpose that they were created for, but it still does pose as a struggle for most of us. You lose them, you break them, and of course you can never have a good selfie ever again while you’re wearing them. And yet the world goes on, and the chashmish life is only one insignificant part of this giant confusing experience. I just wish I could carry them off with as much style as others manage to.


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